Make an Ebook

Create an Ebook

Creating an eBook with Open Office: With 9 images It is a free set of applications for the Microsoft Windows workstation. Every Open Officer is easy to use with help menu and step-by-step instructions, so you can take full advantage of the Open Officer Suiteh. To create an Open Officer ebook, export a text book as a PDF eBook using the Open Officer Writer, a tool in the Open Officer family.

The Open Office Open Office executable is available for free from the Open Office website. Store the uploaded files in a place you will recall. Once the files are fully loaded, run the upload. To do this, go to the directory where you stored the document and double-click on it.

Please complete the step of the setup assistant to get a notification that all contained applications have been successfully reinstalled. Launch the Open Office Writer by choosing it from the applications in your Home screen or by click on the icon on your computer/desk.

It should be part of the Open Office Suites on your computer. Use Open Office Writer to generate text by either opening a new text file or an already existent text file that has been generated with other applications. If you want to generate a new text file, go to File and choose Text doc from the New sub menu.

Then you can begin to write your e-Book in clear text. To open an already available text files, choose "Open" from the main window. With Open Office Writer, you can navigate to the directory where the text files are stored and open them as a simple text documen.

Use the" Format page" link to set the following ebook properties. Click the OK pushbutton in the Format Page screen once you have completed your ebook properties. Use one of the following ways to save the text as a Portable Document Format (PDF) document. "Choose "Export to PDF" from the Files submenu.

When the PDF Ebook is opened, click to store it in the required place and choose the Full-Screen option to view the PDF Ebook when it is opened. Represented in Open Office 4.0. Matching with Open Office 4.1.2? Use the Ctrl and "N" keys in the Open Office Writer to quickly open a new text element when you want to create an e-Book with Open Office without going to the Files and sub menus of the e-Book.

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