Make a Photo Story Book

Create a photo story book

You can get more out of your photo book with additional pages now for a limited time for free. Browse your memories in Life Story photo books. It is a souvenir for yourself, a message for your descendants. Be inspired by pre-built idea pages that help you tell your story in your own way. This story begins with a photo book.

Live Story Photo Books

Visualise your memory in Life Story photo books. Photographs from your computer, community or other sources. We will deliver your book to any place in the word within 10 working hours. Featuring turns, phrases and a unique storyline, this is the best book ever made. Every story can always be seen from different angles: ask your buddies to bring their memoirs into your book!

One shares a great deal, but above all memories: a very particular present for a very particular people. Reminiscences of her will always be with us. Tributes that have been written with families and family. You make a wish. How about a wonderful photo book full of light jubilee celebrations?

Celebrate your sporting performance with a lively sports photo book.

Shutterfly's own photobookmaker app for the iPad

If you want to make a photo book on your phone or on your mobile phone (apps like Mosaic come to your head right away), there are plenty of them. The Shutterfly photo store and publish services, which lets you order everything from printouts to iPhone cases adorned with your favourite photo, has just launched Photo Story: a photo book authoring application designed for the iPad.

Photobooks you can make with the free application should be more engaging than your usual one. In addition to creating beautiful-looking photo albums by choosing from Instagram, Shutterfly, Facebook or your camera role, you can also use the application to include 30-second voice files on each page.

There are ten different book types, which can be combined with three different Sizes: The Scripts: The Books: And, thanks to Smart Autofill, the application can actually organize your pictures for you once you've chosen them. You can then modify the application's algorithm by customizing and dragging photographs, including text, and capturing sound clips that you think are appropriate.

When your photo book is ready, you can start sharing a free wallpaper with whoever you want (you don't even need to own an iPad or have the application to watch it) via Facebook or emails. If you really like the book, you can order a hardcover or soft cover copy that Shutterfly prints out and sends to you.

Included in the photo book are QR-code, which allows users to access the sound or the complete book, and will offer you $30, $40 or $60 for a 20-page 8×8, 8×11 or 12×12 release. If you own an iPad and want to try a photo book (or rather a photo story), go to the iTunes App Store by simply click here.

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