Make a Photo Book with words

Create a photo book with words

For photo books with a narrative or documentary theme, it is ideal to put the images in chronological order. Don't take our word for it, take a look at our customer reviews. I' ve also been able to add text in a variety of fonts and colors. Our most beautiful photo books are in large formats. A special folding paper leaves your book open and flat, regardless of the number of pages.

PhotoBox PhotoBook just got better

With Photobox's best-selling photo book, you can tell your stories with words and images. These beautiful hardcover photo books now have even more pages for your money: clients can now view 26 pages for 19.99 instead of the 20 pages for the same startup cost and the max page count has risen from 50 to a staggering 70.

In addition, the award-winning design is as good as ever, but PhotoBox now offers even more artwork, themes and new shades of colour to make a true stylistic statement. Now PhotoBox is ready to go. The new PhotoBox on-line photo book design software makes it even simpler to do it. New Photo Manager is a true timesaver that lets you organize your pictures in the order you want and automatically fill them into the book.

With the new on-line studios, you can turn the pages like a book and the whole design is faster and smooth than ever before. Enjoy the new and enhanced Classic A4 photo book. When it comes to personalized presents that your friends will love, look no further than PhotoBox, the UK's number one for saving, exchanging and personalizing photos on the web.

To create a photo book in 10 easy footsteps

If you want to commemorate your wedding, remind yourself of the newborn, or if you want to exchange your final photos with your beloved ones, photo albums are great souvenirs. This article takes you through one of the quickest and simplest ways to create a photo book. Using any desktops or text editing software, you can easily create and save PDF files.

Take Microsoft Word for example: 1. launch Word and decide first how many pages your book should have. On the first page is the front page and on the last page the back page is the back page of your book. Ensure that you are creating your documents with an even number of pages, and remember that the final result may need a minimal number of pages.

As an example, our bare essentials for hardback book is 24 (see our catalog for more information). Add a "text field" to your front page and enter the name of your book. Browse to the Image Files on your computer (or any of the folders containing the image files you want in your book) and drag the desired image files to each page.

When you are happy with the generated documents, there are only a few things you need to do to order a hard copy: Select your kind of products, its dimensions and its colour. Don't overlook the number of pieces you want to order. One of our reliable printing partner will have your photo book ready for delivery to your home!

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