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Do a hardcover book online

Book design & layout services. Receive your free instant quote now! Letterpress printing at unbeatable prices for self-publishers. Hardcover books have a premium price, but for how long? Edition One produces books made to measure.

Select off-set for your hardcover book

You gave a great tech report that helps us fix some errors in our layouts before we went to press and were really chilly with our interval communications because we handled the whole thing during our bustling travelling time. I can' t wait to deliver them to our kickstarter bakers!

You also have a wide range of finishing choices, papers and sizes. It was overwhelming to see the book manufacturing process. All projects are printed and committed by skilled specialists using the best material. We have a committed China based staff working with the same facilities as world-class publishers.

Headquartered in the USA, our client services staff has years of expertise serving a worldwide public and guiding you through the process of self-publishing over time. Go ahead and buy your projects without compromising upon the highest possible level of qualitiy. Customise every part of your book, from one-of-a-kind sizes to special add-ons such as embossed foils. Manufactured using the best available material and techniques, our textbooks are designed to stand up to innumerable readings.

Select from long life surfaces, hardwearing papers and the highest grade bindings available. The more you run, the lower your costs per book. Receive the same level of value as premium publishers for less money. Use the riddle guessing from your hard cover book printout. You can order our standard sample package and see for yourself the possibilities of first-hand.

Photobooks UK

If you had opted for your own photobook in the past, you would have done a great deal of work to keep the images tidy and avoiding the common finger prints created by gluing them on with adhesive. After all, you can select between a shiny or matte surface or use high-quality photopaper (real photobooks ), which ensures an impressing end product for your personalized photobooks.

While our online photobook maker is quicker to use, a few mouse clicks to download our photobook reader is an interesting feature if you need to generate multiple personalized photobooks at once, for example. Include a text, quotes, poems or passages from your favorite book. On the other hand, 30x30cm and A3 horizontal format photobooks - the latter with an area of more than 85cm - are perfect for presenting your images impressively.

Photobooks are one of the most inventive personalized Christmas gifts for your spouse or relative, or any other celebration, such as a family birth. Find the perfect moment and catch it in an individual picture-book. When you are looking for print excellence, especially printability, you' ll see the many benefits of our expert print and photobooks offerings.

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