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Create a free booklet online

Only booklet maker you need! Would you like to create a brochure for your products or services? With this booklet template, it's easy to personalize a simple booklet that helps you market your business. It is free to use and download. Customize your logo to make it unique.

Online booklet maker free of charge

Just browse your favorite pictures, adjust the font and color, and modify the text to make an authentic book. Select from our collection of full-featured graphical designs such as Banner, Icon, Frame and more. Modify the pictures. Download your own pictures or select from our collection of over 1 million photos, artwork and illustration.

We are proud of our astonishing warehouse library with over 1 million pictures, graphs and illustration. Most of these pictures are free, while premier pictures are all at the price of only $1 each. When you want to make a promotional booklet for use as promotional materials, these pictures are the ideal one.

Or you can download your own pictures for free. Not only can you use your booklet as online promotional materials, you can also use it to produce impressively high quality prints. In order to make an impression on your buddies and co-workers with your new theme, click on the "Share" icon in the upper right corner of the screen. So you can send your designs directly to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and others.

Or you can get our iPad and iPhone applications for free from the Apple Store and the Android application from Google Game. You can use 2550 x 3300 pixel for a booklet in type format and 2480 x 3508 pixel for an A4 booklet. In order for other persons to be able to edit your theme, just check the checkbox next to'Share/email as edited theme'.

On-line book & flipbook manufacturer

They do not require any particular knowledge of computer science to produce and publish professionally designed books with great promise. These are the advantages of using flip book for your content: Mp3 HTML5-viewers. PDF is dark and difficult, and turning it in HTML5 makes it really web-friendly. The HTML5 program can be loaded quickly in any web page and on any machine.

Pop-up images" can be added to any picture on the pages of your HTML5 flip book. Readers click on a picture and see its larger, high-quality form in a pop-up. The HTML5 flip-books, integrated into your website, help you to provide a smooth display with important contents and give your document a truly functional look.

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