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Blast provides a free suite of creative tools for every skill level. Create a book online with Bookify, offline with BookWright or on the go with Blurb's mobile app. Use your Pro Tools to create. Design your book with your favorite tools. However, getting a high-quality book cover is still very difficult.

Powerful>Free e-book covers that make tools .

However, getting a high-quality jacket is still very difficult. Some free or payed on-line help you to do better. I' ve published my DIY covers in MS Word documents to make my work much simpler. Usually, what the word really, hopelessly needs is a straightforward, easy-to-use, on-line graphic design program that lets you up load a picture, text and store it as an e-mail accountant.

I' d like something free, straightforward and useful. All of them do not leave your own customized picture thumbnail however, and an elephant notebook should be 1600px and 2400px. "The Quick Picture Tools" has all the features I want, but can't make a picture big enough. And I really want a really great 3-D mock-up creator like this one (I wanted to work with them, but their standard picture sizes are not for real Kindle publication ebooks (too broad and short)..... it's OK for real mock-ups or lead-gen quotes - basic website- but not serious graphics designs. w and www.canva. com are great, but have localised fonts and can't mix them.

While you can get away with a basic souvenir or self-help artwork, you need more to get the emotive response you need for your business novel. Thing sucking with all these choices is that they give you the tools but not the rules. Both Myecovermaker and Kdrenegade/instantebookpresence have rather dull, informative artwork and some not very good looking one.

While there are many new features that offer Buchcover or pre-designed Buchcover artwork, many of them are also nasty. You' re gonna need a great cloak. I' d like to have a kick-ass application in which I can create 100 start patterns that you can use and customise.

The only thing I want to do is put it all together in one easy-to-use application that lets you create stunningly simple booksheets. I' ve so far spend about $3000 $8000 on whitelabel softwares and a few people. I have never done anything like this before, so I am not sure how it will all end, but there is a free copy of the free of charge release of the free Adobe Illustrator HERE.

I' ve never been happy with it, so I didn't do the submissions. Seeking the ultimative on-line artwork maker is on. I have redesigned my free on-line tools and it will *close* so that I can actually create them. With all the sophisticated functions, it can do things no other on-line graphic editors can do, which will allow me to create some really stunning covers.

I' m also working with another programmer on a JUST for 3-D block covers mockup utility - in the ideal case it will be a one-click converter from your front to group:): You will be able to use them in my promotional books for great promotional artwork like these:

Those ressources will always be 100% free - I want everyone to get a great jacket for their books, even if they don't have a price for a pros. I try to make my tool as easy and user-friendly as possible. All in all, this should be better than anything else out there and give you the necessary tool to create a professionally designed dust jacket that will blow away your readers.

To be informed when these utilities are available, register HERE and receive a free set of booksignmats.

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