Make a Book for a Gift

Making a book for a gift

This way created diary or photo album is a nice gift. While we love books, receiving one as a gift is a completely different matter. Since it can seem impersonal, here is how to make a book a very special gift. During off-holidays, please note that we only send our books to the printer once a week. She faints like book presents.

Personalised Book & Genuine Gift Ideas

Wonderful curiously personalised textbooks for the whole group. There is one who delights everyone, from great mom to great friends. With over 150,000 breathtaking works of artwork and text, each book is as one-of-a-kind as the happy receiver. It takes only a few moments to produce, but provides a life-long feeling of warmth and blurriness. It' a personalised book that has been produced in just a few moments by some of the world's best performers, designers, photographers and you!

Make a book or photobook - it's that simple!

"and I was incredibly pleased with the book I got for my sixtieth anniversary. This is one of the best presents I've ever received!" It was a very much treasured gift! Take advantage of the one-of-a-kind invitations and greetings and your pictures will end up in your book or photobook immediately!

With Solentro you can create your own book, photobook, picture book, marriage book, final book (yearbook), baptism book, reminder book, diary, retired book, "My first book" - we rely on ease of use and user-friendliness, which opens for your creativ!

Personalized textbooks

Jammed for a one-of-a-kind gift? Make your own personal book that you will be reading over and over again. Just enter the recipient's name, date of birthday and date of your child's birthday and you will learn all you need to know about the year of your newborn.

It is a stunning gift for a landmark birth days, Christmas or anniversaries! personalized t'was the Christmas eve children's book.

Offer a true, memorable gift.

The FUN & EASY PROCESS will help you to record your thoughts and emotions and present them in a nice, bound book. Choosing the question about your sweetheart that best fits your relation. Have your responses in a bound book to make an memorable gift! We' ll reprint your responses in a nice bound book.

You have 6 different fabrics to chose from - ideal for every relation and every event. Set up a personal account, pick your relation category and fill in your the way, this is FREE and only one second. NEXT..... pick your artwork from 6 nicely bound, bound artwork and pick your typeface.

Incidentally, you don't charge us anything until you have completed and your book has been checked and released in the proof. You can take a walk through your relationships, through a range of thought processes and issues that make it SIMPLE to remember all your thoughts, landmarks and aura. Look at your book, authorize it, and then you' ll be charged.

You can order until 16.00 (Mon-Fri), USA Eastern Time and your book will be reprinted, hardcovered and mailed!

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