Magazines that Publish Short Stories

Journals that publish short stories

Every published story contains an introduction by the publisher and a handcrafted note by the author. The author Alan Walsh offers some advice for the submission of fiction in magazines. Phantasy & Science Fiction publishes material on fantasy and science fiction. It is one of the first places where writers can submit and publish. Read-supported, ad-free magazine The Sun.

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The best journal has currently ceased to publish short stories, but below are the last rules in case they begin again. These are the rules of Womagwriter: "Twice a week, we receive a hundred stories for release. When sending one, please contact the Fiction Editor at BEST, 33 Broadwick St London W1F ODQ, and include your name and your postal adress on the first or last page (not just in the cover note that may come off).

Please keep a copy of your history, as we cannot take any liability for the unwanted log. We can email your history to - but we need your mailing so you can grant your permissions and payment if we choose to buy your history.

Its history must be inventive and must not be seen anywhere else. Don't send us your history because it will delay more pressing footage. There is no need for a sketch or synthesis or we have enough reading space. We do not publish any series or poems. We' re glad to have intercourse in a tale as long as it's not too specific.

In almost all the stories we are printing, the protagonist is a female. Your history must satisfy the readers. Let's NOT say it was all a fantasy! Nor do we want stories about the Lotteries, date agents, diviners or the murder of a mate.

No mysterious figures who turn out to be twins or ego stories'written' by siblings! It' a good tale is inventive and will interest, engage, plot, surprise. We work at least two month in advance and since MSS are not immediately harvested on your arrivals, you must send your MSS at least three and preferably four month in advanced.

The processing period for MS can be two to three month and sometimes longer. We' re paying £150 for the stories we buy and look forward to seeing yours. It is good to see that they ask specifically for stories with more complicated textures. As I like to write those that are experimenting a little, I am particularly happy that this is stated in the CPG.

The name of the journalist is Pat Richardson. As a rule, stories are all published on one page - hence the narrow limit to the number of words. Candi' s Journal used to be more open to short stories, but seems to favour plays by mature writers (as does The Lady, which is a disgrace).

Candis policy specifications are: 2300 and 2500 maximum (we will not be reading longer or shorter). Clever, keep'em guess plot line; twists in the valley/stories of sudden styling typing. Histories of contemporary loves, romanticism, friendship, familiy living. Short, well-written crime novels. Originally plot strands that are all your own works and have never been released in the UK.

Novels for kids, mill and blessing stories with foreseeable ends; (Ouch) everything that is or will be played out in sci-fi; stories that have been composed from the point of views of an beast or a spirit; everything that contains detailled force or graphical sexes. Short-stories should first be sent by e-mail to

Upon receipt of your consent in writing, you will be asked to send an bill for settlement. Keep in mind that we can only pick twelve short stories per year for printing in Candis, and we pick them from an annual selection of six hundred stories sent to us on paper. If we get your history, it is queued until we can batch it to create our drop-down list.

Anyone not shortlisted will be notified here. The shortlisted stories are then kept until they are sent in stacks of three copies to our readers for this month's number. Once your history has been selected, we will confirm that you have been a success and in which edition your work appears - here you can submit your bill.

Unless your storyline is chosen the first times it is sent to our readers' panel lists, it will be sent to another group of panelists next months. When it is not chosen again, you will see a message that you were unsuccessful. Because of the large number of stories submitted, we cannot give any personal response as to why your stories were not chosen.

The lady does not currently take short stories (as noted on jbwb) and has not done so for some period of while ( "THE LADY"), but if I listen to something else, I will be updating this page. You can find en Sie unter MY WEEKLY : My Weekly women's magazines You can find en Sie unter MY WEEKLY : My Weekly women's magazines directives finden Sie unter htm und

If you have longer stories you could write their pocket novels and Sally Quilford has information about these here, like Womagwriter. We would like to point out that My Weekly does not currently welcome unasked copies from people who have not yet posted them. Unfair, I know, but I think they get so many contributions from those who made them.

I hope that will be changed, but it's been a while, so I'll let you know if I have any new things. The People' s is one of the longest and most prestigious (and most difficult to get!) women's magazines in the UK. Your policies are very peculiar (ignore them at your own risk!).

Takke a Break: Take a rest and stop telling short stories in your weeklies, continue your daily fictional feast. Put Your Feet Up, From The Heart, Spine Chiller, Tale with a Twist, and want 750-3000 words, though once you've sold them a few they'll consider a longer stories as well, post submissions only, response should be in 12 weeks, but if you haven't heard, e-mail Norah McGrath (the fiiction editor) giving the name of the story, date submitted and a 2-line plot outlines and she'll get back to you'll get back to you.

The stories are all told by Norah McGrath. Encouraging stories are then shared with other members of the division, among them the publisher of FF, whose words are definitive. When you receive a denial and'SR' is drawn in the edge, you know that the second reading step has occurred. Submit your stories six month in advance. It'?s up to you.

This is Norah McGrath, Fiction Editor, Fiction Feast, 24-28 Oval Road, London NW1 07DT. Thanks to http://womagwriter.blogspot. com for that. Take a Break has closed the mailing lists for all newcomers. WEEALKYLYNEWS: As part of the DC Thomson group ( "People's Friend" and "My Weekly"), The Weekly is a little-known and much underestimated option for short storiestellers.

The Womagwriter bloged her rules back in February 2011, as did Sarah Evans. Womagwriter's says: "The Weekly News has a largely older audience, divided equally between the genders, so we're looking for stories of general interest - crimes, humor (especially), spooky stories (although we've had a lot of them lately), or "coffee breaks dramas" that wouldn't be out of place in any of the most famous TV series.

Right now I'm also interested in stories with a little more "edge", which are a little more dark. Even though an old-fashioned romance may be appropriate from time to time, I'm not looking for "slushy" romance or anything "twee". Since The Weekly News is a familycovered newspaper, I would not use anything with sexually explicit contents.

A lot of the stories we publish have an interesting turn of events to astonish the readers, as they seem to be well-loved. - If your protagonist is powerful enough, you can let him or her wear the whole thing. - I also like sensible stories that can include deaths, illnesses, fears, etc.

Tales can range in length from about 750 to a maximum of 2000 words, although we retain the right to adapt them accordingly. I also seldom take stories that have been told in the first character or in the present. I currently use three novels per weeks, and even if an article is approved, it may take some considerable amount of thought before it is public.

I' ve always got a lot of stories to tell, so it could take me six to eight week to reply to posts. We like to be a little "geographically vague" to increase the universal nature of stories. - Reread and verify your sentences and paragraphs.

  • Working in the real world - that's fictional, but it has to be credible. - Enter your e-mail and mailing adress. - Full of stories, please. - There are no first-person or gift stories. - No relation-centered stories. Womagwriter's http://womagwriter.blogspot. com is one of the best places I know to get information and instructions on how to write women's magazines.

See also'My Weekly','People's Friend' and'Take a Break' above and'Woman's Weekly','You South Africa' and'Yours' below. Talking about Womagwriter, when I read her (Kath's) Schreibhandbuch, Short Stories and How to World Them, she answered ".... Whether women's magazines like the first or the third, the present or the past - it is the mag.

in the Weekly News. It doesn't bother the first or the third, but they definitely like the past form (they've changed Finding Mum from the present to the past for release). As long as she's well-penned, Woman's Weekly takes them all. Although most stories have a tendency to have a feminine MC, this is not a fixed one.

The stories in my textbook have all been featured in the magazines and as you have seen, there are a number of masculine MC' s in them! YOU: You South Africa's short stories policy is here. Please be aware that (unusually for a magazine) they choose to get e-journals. Her page'How to Get Your Wiring Published' contains hypertext references to her literature policies (1000-1200 words) and non-fiction policies (max. 300 words with photos).

If you are interested in literature, you should allow up to six month for an answer and include a prepaid, self-addressed cover if you want your script back.

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