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The Ulysses is a premium software for authors. Use voice-to-text software to write faster than you can imagine. Simply install it on any PC or Mac computer or laptop and start creating your novel. A journaling app for iPhones, iPads and Macs. We' ve developed Nimble Writer with a few principles to make it the primary application for authors:


We' ve found some books, software and web sites useful for authors of theses. However, do not open books about writing your thesis instead of writing your thesis! Lectures in clarity and grace by Joseph Williams (and Joseph Bizup) help authors comprehend what makes writing on the page simple or difficult to comprehend.

With this software you can build a source code collection that you can quote in your writing. And Mendeley is free software that works in a similar way and is better suited to you, according to how cooperative you are as a scientist. They help you organise and evolve your contents and keep an overview of your research.

Xmindi's free open code software that allows you to make granular and demanding mind mappings. Some authors find that mental mappings allow them to express their thoughts, sketch links in a prolific way, and work. Specify the number of mins Freedom should be blocking your web (and email!) use.

Inexpensive software available for Mac and Windows. When you are a Mac users, Self Control can allow you to restrict your own use of all interfering parts of the web while still enabling you to do your own search. In addition to blocking websites, Rescue Times will analyse your computer usage and tell you how much writing and how much you are spending on browsing, Facebook or e-mail, for example.

Rescue Team can help you make better decisions by assisting you in understanding how to use your free day. Pomodoro technology is based on the use of scheduled writing sections (perhaps with a tomato-shaped cooking timer) to help you organize and progress your writing. Use the Pomodoro technique for a funny application.

Rather than using a cooking clock, you can work with this application for twenty-five minutes (with a brief pause between each segment), followed by a longer pause at the end. It also provides you with stats about your writing times. Enter a page directly on the website and then import it into your text-processor.

You are writing privately, but you have the opportunity to publish your number of words via online messaging.

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