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Would you like to do a Master's degree (MS/Msc/MA)? Create a novel writing project in a genre of your choice. Writing creatively is as popular today as critical theory was a decade ago. Refine your fiction craft with an MA in Creative Writing online from the non-profit, accredited Southern New Hampshire University. The EKU's creative master writers focus on literary fiction, popular/genre fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry.

Writing creatively: Novel MA

We' ve created the design for the copywriting: Applicants should provide a font specimen. Completing four teaching units, at least one of which is industry-oriented, you can then work with a lecturer to complete your Ph. You will analyze and investigate the various fictional aspects in this game.

Afterwards you will be divided into groups and deepen your knowledge in lectures and discussions on the last week's work. As these sectors evolve very quickly, this tool also highlights the transformation processes and helps prepare you to become part of this continuous one.

We' ll also look at the policies that writers have successfully used to steer the arts in the arts and we'll listen to professional writers express their opinions about writers and the way they use them. This is the best help we can provide to publish your novel.

Typically, candidates who do not have a diploma in English or copywriting have taken classes such as those at Open University or the Arvon Foundation or taken part in writing class. Be able to show that you have self-paced your writing and your comprehension of writing.

An example of your literature between two and five thousand words, which you believe require appropriate skills and dedication in the bidding phase. You will need an IELTS for UCT or Trinity SELT test purchased from a UK Visas and Immigration (UCT) accredited test center and on the Secure English Language Testing (SELT) register.

If you wish to take a preparatory course to enhance your knowledge of German before you start your studies, you must take the test with an accredited SELT school. Our own test of German as a foreign mother tongue is available for those who do not fulfil the requirement or wish to speak German.

Further information on language classes and tests can be found in the Language Centre Brunel. This Curtis Brown Prize, endowed with 1,500 euros, is presented each year to a MA degree course candidate in the field of creativity writing: It'?s the novel. U.K/EU UK/EU exchange rate holders can choose to make six payments per month: the first payment at enrollment and the other five by direct Debit or credit/debit cardhold.

Foreign nationals can make two payments: 60 percent at enrollment and 40 percent in January for those starting in September (or the other 40 percent in March for those starting in January).

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