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Mr. Eli S. Khoury (Chairman & General Manager) &b.

We provide services for authors who want to become published authors. Supported self-publishing services are available.

Publishing House Michigan

Publishing, maintaining and supporting scholarships. Our scientific work is of high standard and we offer scientific papers to the UM fellowship and beyond. Our work and our publication activities are aimed at providing the widest possible publicity for scientific communication everywhere. The press, in collaboration with its writers and serial journalists, has published in a variety of different fields in the arts and sociology.

The press, with a long publishing experience, is a leader in the evolution of e-science and helps to disseminate information as widely and widely as possible. The University of Michigan, as an expert in academic publishing, offers a range of publishing related activities to enhance the profile, scope and effectiveness of scholarships.

The University of Michigan's ongoing, secure and available ministry for the representation of our wealthy literary group. His main objective is to give Michigan a foothold in the work that makes it a leading company in research, education and creative work.

For 30 years we have been publishing high-quality magazine communities on a regular basis.

For 30 years we have been publishing high-quality magazine communities on a regular basis. You' ll find that advertisements in our journals reinforce your regional reach for the following reasons: - Many people use our journals before any other "Yellow Pages" when they need a particular product or a particular product. You know that our advertiser are our communities supporters and proud of their reputation with their neighbours.

  • There are more individuals who will recognise your company as an important source of resources locally.

Sourced publishers

A&M Publishers is a small, autonomous business founded by a dual purpose entrepreneurial talent pool in the fields of consumer electronics, publishing, social networking and marketing: Publication and commercialization of publications that we believe have a large U.P. site (Unlimited Potential). In order to start the career of new writers.

U.P. is defined as high-concept literature that our employees in the consumer electronics sector could consider as great feature films and for TV and as writers with a large following of corporate citizens. It is our policy to label the product at all stages of the consumer electronics business to promote its sale to the book trade.

As an example, our first released MEG ( "MEG") (completely re-written and extended by Steve Alten, the bestselling writer for the NY Times) has been illuminated in green as a large film (starring Jason Statham) is used in AND designed as a thematic theme parc in tens of thousand high school locations in the United States. At the same and the same token, we have set up a starting programme for new writers who have had difficulty in locating a frahling.

It is a hybride programme - part self-publication/part traditionally, as our editors work with the new authors to enhance the manuscripts, while the authors retain all copyrights.

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