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There are three unique brands in Lulu: The Australian author Bryan West shares his positive experiences with in CreateSpace, Ingram Spark and Lulu. See all Lulu Self-Publishing presentations. The Lulu Press, Inc.

is an online marketplace for books and e-books that offers free, instant self-publishing for authors and others.

Who is Lulu Self-publishing | Lulu Blog was established in 2002 and revolutionised the publishing business by launching free publishing services on line. Lulu offers do-it-yourself writers free printed and eBook authoring software, free ISBNs for identifying and free sharing with a worldwide ecosystem of on-line bookshops. There are no author's orders and no disguised charges except for a copy that must be approved.

Not only does this conserve our physical ressources, it also saves the author from stock. This means that the ledgers are transported directly from the printers to the readers - which saves money on tree cover, power and overhead. You can use this site as a platform for posting advices, messages, product ratings and anything else you might like!

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