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The Lulu Books produces books in both print and digital formats. I' ve published many books over the years and found Lulu the most professional and simple company to deal with. The service Lulu offers is amazing. It' ideal for a graphic artist who only needs a few books.

Two enchanting dogs named Otis and Lulu.

A Top 54 Ratings and Complaints

It is NOT simple to publish, and if you're a novice like me, you'll be amazed at why your decisions aren't interfered for anything in a profound ocean of muddle. After paying for a premier pack, I was informed about extra charges that were not listed at the beginning of the trial.

I' ve seen the worst thing I've ever seen before logging in, I've been followed by their front desk several hours a week, once I've logged in, they never respond to e-mails and they never give me any information. I' m informed that this would happen in 7-10 jours. I' ve written many books over the years and found Lulu to be the most professionally and easily handled one.

and the needs of my mother's textbook. Also, the Erika was great and respectful of this film. I' ve been reading many of the Reviews on here and they are from NOT serious writers or ones who wanted their books done for free.

Way to go, LULU! Iulu is the worse. There were 57$ in donations on it...a weeks before the subsidies saying that I had violated upon copyrights when the said novel in question was not even publicized on my bankroll. They' re stealing cash. Though I was going to try this, as Co. s Real Publishing is not going to charge you any up-front charges to pub your text!

Googlesearch! That Lulu is just another SCAM! This could really help you out! Lulu's main issue is sharing, especially Google Books. The Google Booksearch shows free "20%" of your books for free on line, which can be 50-60 pages for the medium sized one.

Who really wants to give away 60 pages of his books? What would it take someone 60 pages to read a work? So to be honest, Google isn't on course here, but the trouble is that Lulu doesn't tell the writers about these things before publishing, I adjusted my textbook to have 40 pages of text followed by over 100 pages of worksheets.

Google shows virtually the entire text. The Google FAQ about previewing says that there is a "snippet" release that is not the full text, but Lulu says: "Our deal with Google does not contain the view. "Lulu will give away a significant portion of your books for free, which is counter-productive for them as they sell books.

So, either you are giving away your textbook or you are not in Google Books. I' ve talked to Lulu Press, Inc. in the past about self-publication and talked to a man called Ryan ** on Friday night. I was persuaded to buy one of the self-publishing packs, but I thought I'd do a little more research on the business before making my first payments by bank cards on Saturday mornings.

The''no'' is definitive, and this behaviour has persuaded me that my choice not to release with Lulu was the right one. I' ve got an e-mail from Lulu saying: "Hey V. I. "Then I began ordering some dresses for my folks because I thought Lulu offered a 40% discount on all the outfits.

In the promotional e-mail I got, there was no indication that certain territories were barred. In 2014, I released a 21-page volume about Lulu. They' ve been printing my pictures in monochrome and the printing in the books is so small. However, they still tell me why I didn't get any royalties from the books is that I have to increase my fee.

I think the cost of the volume is $21.00, which is too high, but some of them have been oversold. But Lulu is a complete fraud. They' re almost free to release, but they make a living by letting you promote your work. All self-publishers with LULU IS LULU IS LULU IS TOTAL S-CAM.

I' ve been helping copywriters from many parts of the globe create their books for free on Lulu (well, if they want to be on Amazon, they have to buy a thumbnail copy for the price plus shipping). This is because many of my colleagues are not in a position to write in their own countries or just don't have the necessary know-how.

This is because I have to expect that they come from those who support self-publishers whose craving for funding is unmatched by writers - such as iUniverse, Dorrance, Page Publishing, etc.. While Lulu does not ask writers to buy editing or artistic content although they do provide it if you wish. However, an writer can easily release his work for free.

Then, if the writer calculates more than the expense (e.g., $19. 95 for a $9. 95 expensive printing book), then the writer deserves the distinction. As with all self-publications, the actual issue is that these books are very hard or sometimes even hard to put up for sale. I' m a first writer and followed everything that was shown for my first album.

When we paid the upload fee, which should be the sum overall, as we asked ALL the information, we were then asked to make other large charges to complete the work. You would have other "cheaters" who would call me and tell me why we really needed all these other unknowns for the work.

And when we made the decision that this was non-professional and asked for the cash, the cycle went round in circles. Only half of our cash was returned to us a few month later, so they earned free cash. Neither the cash nor the investment of a lawyer to get the remainder back.

Lulu is always where I buy my things because I live near electronic goods, clothes, food and so on. When I purchased a kettle, she asked me to go to the present box for the grip. And I said it wasn't a present. I' m a first editor with a children's novel.

After contacting Lulu, I said I needed help writing a work. They said that the artist was great to work with and I needed help with the illustration. Once I entered my textbook, I was asked to include graphics but no illustration. If you look up the significance of graphics designing, it is declared as image and text together, not for Lulu.

And I wanted to make this fundraiser for charities, St. Jude and Toys for Tots. In the end, they wanted more cash. I had a very enjoyable and worthwhile time with Lulu. You did a great job putting out my books and making a nice album. I' ve had quite good sellings, but then I put endeavor into my book's promotion and campaign.

Obviously, the critics who complain about poor selling think everyone will just know in a magical way that their books are available at Lulu. I' ve got three books about Lulu and I' ll put them back there. The only one you can actually make a living from. I released my first volume with a firm named CreateSpace and had a terrible adventure from beginning to end.

So, I decide to go somewhere else. In the end, I was recommended by an editor who wrote several articles on Lulu's work. While I was a little reluctant about the criticisms, I gave them a chance, as they are one of the most prestigious self-publishing companies. Telling my publisher consultant what kind of investments I had to put into the venture, he developed a schedule that met my needs.

I' m currently working on my third release and will work with Lulu! I' m a first writer about my own conceptions of my job, orthodox medical practice and now anti-aging / alternatively / holistic / with orthodox medical practice only for emergencies. I' ve been very curious about the progress of my novel, which I think is well investigated, one-of-a-kind and of interest to the people.

They have either been around for 10 years and released by quite large medicinal groups privately owned groups and basically free them away to their patient- or they are released by home publishers themselves and are backhand to advertising the drugs business with is a multi-billion dollars kind of business.

I' ve been selling two books this year and made about $13. After all, I really have to be selling about a hundred thousand books to even fraction with all my legal und unearthing examination interest this examination past is reveal. As I see, they are beginning to pay for some costly online merchandising bundles.

Obviously, the global communiqué is used for the various multinational bankers/corporations to promote their own agendas and not for a single figure like a self-published work. In other words, after paying for a global announcement to about 24,000 agencies, this led to an additional sales of books this weekend.

So, if I now say $2,400 to google advertising, will this add $10 or $20 in revenue? I' ve already had to declare myself bankrupt, so it's not like I can just begin to market a lot of cash to have the time. Has anyone experienced in placing professionally designed ads for their self-published books?

Need a $1,000 or $10,000 or $1,000 to actually get it to work? Will my books be seen by the general population? Many self-released writers, I think, have this issue..... I' had 3 books and got only about $14 in emoluments.

and I NEVER MY KINGDOMS!!! Then I looked for Amazon and found out that 53 BOOKS SECOND HAND COPYS OF MY BOOKS SELL, but STILL NO MOONEY TO ME!!!! I' m sending e-mails, trying to call and eventually they call me and say:'Oh, these are guys who list your books and if you buy from them, WE will send it'.

KEEP ER: KEEP AWAY FROM LULU!!!!!! I' ve tried to publish my first one myself, and I thought I'd try Lulu. Lulu can't get the keywords for the main vendors like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. to be found correctly. When you are looking for the keywords for my work that I have given them, you cannot find my work on the big vendors unless you type in the particular name.

One and a half years after the publication of my novel, my sale is in the fuel cell, because nobody can find it. I' ve had to pay more cash to promote it myself - which makes Lulu more cash because they are printing the album. Obviously, Lulu tried to give me a massive packet of tens of thousands oftheir bucks to promote my novel, which I refused when I said that no one could find my novel on Amazon because the keywords were inaccurate.

I' ve got more books in the sewer with one almost done! Lulu placed an order and I found out that I wanted a different name on the delivery information, so I chose to cancele it. But when the answer came to me, the pre-approval was already sent to Lulu.

I' ve now written another card and hope to get my tickets back. I' ve written and recommended my own books about Lulu and those for customers. It' s nice that they provide hardback books that CreateSpace and others do not. I' ve just released my own scroll-reader.

I' d misreaded something and she said to me where the reply was on the monitor. I' sympathize with anyone who's had less than two years of Lulu experiences. I' m a bestselling writer looking for a broader publishing background than my last one. LluluLu was suggested by a group of authors I am a friend of, but they had no clue how horrible my was.

LuLu took 3 telephone conversations and 5 e-mails before someone arrived to take my work. My coordinator e-mailed me last night informing me that my textbook needed some changes, but they didn't know that I had my textbook processed in a professional way by a Tampa-based school.

You supposedly have a review section and since I've just been reading all these poor on-line feedbacks, I'm going to ask for my back and I've found a more serious publisher to help me. Keep away from LuLu, because all you want is your cash in advance and 1000 reasons not to release it.

While Lulu is producing a fairly tidy printed textbook, the ad campaigns are missing. We do not care about your Lulu products because we require an advance for an advertising ad to be sent. You earned your living whether you did it or not, as distinct from a business that would create a publicity drive and then take out its books.

They use their service to post a work. Seems I should have a higher selling ratio than I have. I' d been comparing it with other writers that had been released elsewhere. You got numbers of books selling, yet I didn't see the resumes, revenues or writers receipts.

Indeed, after a few month, when I first publicized, there were more "used" books for selling than I had been selling in "new" books (how is that possible?). When I tested the system, I bought a stack of books from different marketing outlets. I' m checking my bankroll 6 month later and only 3. 3% of my orders were registered by the publishers.

This is a rather old-fashioned number, as there have certainly been a few casual purchases that have been tossed into this mélange. The printers may not report. I' ve been paying LULU an enormous amount of cash so they could work on and release my screenplay, but when it came to the front page I provided, they chose to be outrageous.

I' ve been considering reviewing for Lulu. You' ve produced a top of the range project with my textbook, but with a single line of email I don't think many of the members of the staff recognize that they' have HUGE Ingestments in their work. You want to keep the cash and get these guys on their way.

They want to know that the talented staff they're putting TON's funds into is seriously considering their projects. but Lulu is excellent at taking your cash and shipping one-liners. And Lulu has been calling me many a time to ask me to spend more at every stage of the game.

All I can do is hop and say a prayer for half the work. But, since it's a sound product and all that kind of advertising, I'm still hoping for a refund of that kind of monetary-- And Lulu is "so-so". LULU is not recommended for any kind of projects.

Overall, I do not endorse for self-publication. I' ve got another one I needed a little modification to at Lulu. com and the someone who was helping me initially said he had no clue who to talk to or how to make the changes, although I was more than willing to put up with it.

I' ve used Lulu to release various kinds of books and I' m very satisfied with the print and authoring assistance. One time, when there was a problem with technology, they were replacing all the books at no charge to me or my customer. I' ve been noticing that with the various print on demand firms it's usually rubbish - trash out.

Many years ago, when I was getting used to graphics software, I made some errors and found the people at Lulu very useful. A lot of new writers come up with the notion that when they release it, it will go on sale. My own personal experiences show that most sells are when an writer signs there.

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