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The Lulu Book Publisher is an online platform for print-on-demand, self-publishing and distribution. I' ve talked to Lulu Press, Inc. in the past about self-publication and talked to a man named Ryan ** on Friday night. At Lulu, we pioneered the infamous phrase "Free Self Publishing.

It's free to publish on Lulu, and authors can create anything from books to eBooks, photo books to calendars. *CreateSpace, Lightning Source, Lulu - Where should you publish your book yourself?

pcb-edit="mw-headline" id="Produkte">Produkte[edit]>> manufactures textbooks in both paper and electronic format. Hardcovers and paperbacks are available in a variety of different paperback, cover and sizing. It is possible to produce full-colour or black-and-white book printing. began publishing and selling eBooks in 2009. also runs and distributes photo albums and photo albums.

The materials will be sent in digitally for publishing. The author can then buy and/or offer for sale in the Lulu Bookstore a copy of their own book. Through the application for a free ISBN and compliance with sales needs, you can also distribute your book to retailers like, Barnes & Noble and Apple's ISBN Store.

Authors of titles receive an 80% license fee for printed works and a 90% license fee for eBooks when they sell them. Lulu Blooker was a literature prize for the" blooks" (books inspired by blogs). donated it in 2006 and 2007.

A total award was presented, which is made up of the winner of the three sub-categories non-fiction, literature and comic. Lulu Blooker Award was open to any "Blook" that " so far " (i.e. until the closing date) was released by any publishing house.

Do you remember to use Lulu to publish your book? They might want to see these authors' complaints first! From Angela Hoy

Nearly five years ago we released our first report of Lulu grievances. We re-informed ourselves in 2011 and released Lulu Continues to receive Lots of Compplaints. We revisited their boards in 2012 to see what was going on and found a complaint on Lulu's Twitter page.

Unfortunately there are still many problems (of course new ones). Several years ago I released a book about Lulu to test her system for an essay I wrote. Logging into my Lulu bank today, I found they owe me since 2008. On we immediately contact an editor if we can't get his payment for any at all.

If we are unable to ship your PayPal payment for any reasons (for example, if the PayPal ID you provide is not valid), we will also notify you through your PayPal payment details (and then by email). We would like to discuss some of the Lulu terms in the Lulu Board Terms of Service before quoting some of the new Lulu issues.

The symptoms listed below are less than one year old. There are of course many other problems in Lulu's forums. I' m very disillusioned with Lulu and the level of his services. I received my book on May 12th and it hasn't been delivered to me in New Zealand yet. I' ve been spending a large amount of cash on the development, design and print of my book for a familybirthday (not for a long time now) and my expenses have disappeared into thin air. What did I do?

We wanted Lulu to ship all of our items by post (and negotiate a competitively priced solution ) and offer a quick global delivery of services, hire more technical personnel, and immediately fix things by re-printing and shipping any problems. First, they forgot my answer to their order forms, so they didn't work on my order for two whole week to reformat my e-book.

So I sent the feedback and didn't get a response until I published something in a community board that complained. It was six a fortnight ago, and still no one has reformatted my book. Eight ledgers filed 10 wks ago haven't made it to Ingram yet? What can do to help us keep manipulating and exploiting our clients?

Almost 3 sabbaticals ago I ordered a copy of my book..... If LULU's services are of a very low standard, what will LULU do? After waiting almost 7 week for an EPUB translation (well, by "waited" I mean someone took the trouble to tell me that they hadn't handled it for 3 week without letting me know that I had to do more things with the sourcecode), I got the sourcecode today, full of format bugs that weren't included in the orginal one.

I' ve received e-mail based help, but I really don't want to stay 7 longer than this. Anything I can do, or will I pay for the big error I made when I trusted Lulu to do what they say they could? Now, the last case I was waiting without reply for 3 week after sending an e-mail back with the current order/support tickets, then someone else asked if there were any issues.

Since I don't have 7 or even 3 more week to await your response from your technical personnel, I post here in the hopes that someone will actually do something. Now, I've released my first book projects.... I should be lucky, right? Lulu sure knows how to rains a girl's procession.... or at least that's how it starts to be.

I am dissapointed by the image qualities of the photographs in my default s & w book-print. Hello I am very disappointed because I already had five reviews for my book and the appeal was the spread was not large enough or 0.5 that is why it could not be circulated to Amazone.

The following are just two of the scornful answers other Lulu people have given to the above complaints. WE HAVE CHEAPER PRINT-ON-DEMAND PUBLISHING HOUSES WITH EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Please have a look at our Print on-Demand comparison HERE. Do you have a question about Print On Demand and Self-Publishing? - According to Mark Levine, lawyer and writer of The Fine Print, BookLocker is "as near to the level of excellence you'll find in the e-book and proof-reading worlds.

I have seen the highest e-book donations ever, and the pressure donations are better than averages. BuchLocker knows what new writers are experiencing and has put together a bundle that is the best in the industry. They are also selected and do not release a script just because it is presented with a cheque.

When you find a painless and dedicated publisher with the same level of commitment and commitment to author book sales, but with lower publishing costs, please let me know. "Abuzz Press provides quick and free book publications, but accept only a small proportion of entries and only work with US-author. - "We are preparing to release you! "for writers who really want to make themselves public. Provides just formating and designing and then provides easy directions for writers to register to print/list/sell hardcopy and e-book-issues. You can keep 100% of what bookshops are paying for your book!

View BookLocker's Publishing Bundles HERE.

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