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Cost-effective self-publication

Letterpress costs are kept low so you can set a competitive selling price. In order to keep costs low, think outside the box and intervene in your network. I' d highly recommend the self-publication with Createspace, a company sponsored by Amazon.

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You can use this to set the cost of self-publication. Your cost is calculated on the basis of several criteria, including: whether it includes colour pages, number of pages, number of ordered works, covers and type of bindings, and so on. When you place your order, you will receive an estimation of the cost of your order on the basis of the chosen option, which should be the same as the estimation made here.

It is possible to modify the option and re-calculate as often as you like for your self-publication costs. Costs/Book: Covers Design/Order: Overall order costs: Buy Overrun Books: To make sure that we are producing enough book to fully meet orders, we always run a few more than the ordered number.

It is necessary because sometimes during the print and bind processes there is damage and discarding of them. Would you like to buy these options at half price per order (for example, if your order is $5.00 per order, the additional items will be purchased for $2.50 per order and sent to you with your order)?

This is a one-time quote per order and the amount never exceeds 10 copies. FinuL Trim Sizing ( "Final Trim Size" for user-defined sizes or with trimming): User defined size: Specify the end format if you want to trim the work to a user-defined format that is smaller than the default one.

To order a 5 "x8" volume, for example, you must choose 5.5 "x8.5" for the volume format and then type 5 "x8" in the text field for the definitive trimming area. Bleeding book: Once the album has a full trimming allowance, please choose a file sized and specify the definitive trimming allowance.

If you want the definitive volume cropped to 5.5" x8. 5", for example, but you also have some full trim pages, you must choose 6" x9" as your volume file format, then type 5.5" x8. 5" here as the FFin. trim sizing. Ordering custom sizes: Twenty-five dollars a copy per volume up to 250 and ten dollars a copy per volume thereafter.

This dust jacket is only available for hardcover volumes (minimum 25 copies) such as harcover/case and hardcover/cloth. Colour print? I' d like a colour print for inside pages. When publishing a colour page or several colour pages, please make sure that all gray scale pictures in your text are real gray scale pictures.

And if so, please specify the number of colour pages (without cover) below. 1st design covering: 1. monochrome design: The front and back are always written in monochrome inks, you can choose to have the front and back artwork as the first and last page of your work. The only thing you need to do is to choose the font styles and include your own formulations for the back and envelope.

Full-colour customer lid design: Do you have any question, please have a look at our covers-samples. 5-hour designer training. Spinal design: Only used for full-color customer coverage. Rear lid wording: Inner lid pressure: Options for inside lid printing: Specify the artwork for the front and back covers.

They can be printed in either monochrome or colour. The order will be released for publication as soon as we have received your e-mail or facsimile from you. For each colour and monochrome order under 200 pieces. Orders of more than 200 books in monochrome are priced at $30.00.

The number of books per limit: Show book: When you choose this you will receive a confirmation email with a confirmation email. Information you have provided will be displayed on www.yourbook.com when you click the Send Buttons and the covers will be displayed on this page after the order has been mailed.

Fast Track Rush guarantees 5 day on monochrome and 7 day on colour for $120 or 12% of the order amount, whichever is greater. Prize: In case you do not want the purchase order value to be imprinted on the barcode, please do not fill in this box. com offers the optional Ă½the Marketing Kits to promote your work.

You can only get the Markkting Kits with your print job. XL Marketingkit: picture books, poster, business card, news releases, a bookstore directory, contact information for newspapers, publishers, critics and publishers, etc. It is important to remember that the promotional kits will be treated as a stand-alone procedure as they will be sent after your order has been mailed.

You' ll get the e-mail receipt for the promotional kits after the dispatch of the books, then the kits will be delivered in a few working working nights as soon as we have received your consent. Send us the above request and we will adjust the prices for orders over 100 pieces! The majority of our orders are sent via FedEx Ground.

Delivery is handled by FedEx Ground in our estimate of sample delivery costs. You can call us or send us an order quote for orders sent by non-FedEx shippers. The cargo will be debited to your bank statement when the ledgers are actually mailed. When you send the book you will get an e-mail with the dispatch information.

In order to compute your delivery costs, please use the following dispatch computer. Specify the postal number of 38017 and the postal number of the delivery city. Colored interiors weighs approximately 41 pounds per carton. The weight of textbooks with monochrome interiors is about 31 pounds per carton.

6 x 9 and smaller volumes are suitable for approx. 7200 pages per carton. The size of 6x9 pages fits approx. 3600 pages per carton. 5,5x8. 5 150-page monochrome albums, 72 in all; in German;

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