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Have you ever heard that there are no longer any well-paid markets for freelancers and that it is extremely difficult to earn a living as a freelance writer? I am looking forward to the new content of new authors in your blog. We are looking for some experienced authors for our team. Search for article writers now. Did you ever dream of becoming a "writer"?

Seventeen pages in search of writers now

One of the many websites out there is that you can do spirit typing for, and this is nice if you have invoices that you need to get taken care of. However, one of the readers told me recently that she is really interested in pursuing her typing careers, and to do so she would like to find more places to work.

Almost all pages where the revenues are shared give you a headline, but unfortunately the funds from these pages are usually not enough to meet many invoices - especially at the beginning. So, I went to research and find places you can post to give you a lump sum for your work while giving you a loan.

Which is a mud flap? When you are new to the written word, you may ask yourself: "What is a myline? "In essence, this is just a section, or a few rows, of information about you that will appear on any article you type. This will give you loan for the contents, and eventually it makes it so you can add your items to your account as they will be inscribed.

Ghost writers do not get ghost lines, and many, many contentpages (especially those that pay less and that authors use for the purpose of creating SEOs and links ) will not put your name on the contents you have made. However, it will not help you to expand your workbook. If you write your own name, you should provide a name, a link to your website or your own online profile and some interesting information about yourself.

You are paying $100 for your first item you accept, plus you get a bin line. As Stuff Works - If you are acknowledged as a performer for how stuff works (not simply to do!), your name goes on your nonfiction and you person a tract biography catalogued on their maker leaf.

You are looking for writers with management skills in a highly imaginative company. Listing verses - Pay $100 for listing and you will get an artist my line if your listing is approved. Climbers - Another list-type page that often searches for writers to post interesting contents. Each of your articles contains your name with a clicking button above.

Hectic - Always looking for interesting contents. When your work is posted, your name will appear at the top of your story in a mouseclick. Walkful - This is a women's online site that pays you $50 per entry and publishes your name on all approved contents.

They' re looking for well-written contents on tourist attractions and routes, travelling advice, world affairs and more. LoveetoKnow - Every item you type has your name at the top. The Matador Network - This is mostly travel-related contents. Each of your items has your name and a brief biography at the end and a hyperlink to your other Matador-contents.

This page contains contents on a wide range of subjects and accepts contributions from freelance professionals. They will be remunerated and accredited for your work if your entry is approved. SKYWORK - Your name goes to all items you type for one of the features of SKYWORD. Escapist - Online journal for $250 per item.

About the expeditioner - travel reports. They' ll contain your biography at the end of each play you are writing. Womens On Writing - This journal welcomes free-lance entries. You' ll get an author's biography and will be charged between $50 and $150 (depending on the kind of paper you submit) when your work is approved and public.

Writer's Weekly - If you have free authoring skills and can contribute, Writer's Weekly may be interested in posting some of your work. The payment ranges from $40 to $60, and you will receive an author's biography of your work. Are you looking for more paid sites to post?

To find other pages for which you can post, consider becoming a Contena member. They' ve written and published hundreds of highly paid free-lance concerts, and many of them are offering bundles. It is one of the best self-employed authors' jobs exchanges I have found so far, although there is a subscription.

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