Looking for a Creative Writer

In search of a Creative Writer

We' re looking for FREELANCE WRITERS to interview people and write the stories. We' ve got a project called'Our Life Logs', which focuses on sharing real life. Candidates for Looking for Creative Writer in Powai, Mumbai now. Like the title says, we are looking for a great author who has some expert experience in writing long articles and websites. We' re looking for a creative copywriter who can write clear and concise texts for advertisements, publications and websites.

I' m looking for a creative writer in Powai, Mumbai. Team Pumpkin job

Very creative and skilled in designing and creating web and graphic arts contents. Creating new kinds of contents and offerings to fill loopholes in our contents strategies. Measuring and optimizing the effect of your contents with the aim of increasing the reach of our online and offline communication services.

Experiences can differ, although 1 - 3 years of expertise in creating contents is perfect. Her passion for Symedia.

Descriptive Writer, Family Stations, Inc.

Family-radio (a.k.a. Family Stations, Inc.) is a non-profit, Christmas service that revolves around our mission: Could you make a copy so that the lexicon becomes virus? Have you the feeling that tales better illustrate the anthropological experiences than schoolbooks? Are you able to create personalities that even you will be surprised by? Family-radio is looking for a full-time Creative Writer for our typing group!

Demonstrably, the perfect candidates have expertise in creating appealing texts for advertisements and corporate communications, as well as the skills to produce real Biblical, historical and imaginative narratives. We would be pleased if you have many years of professional authoring expertise, but above all we wish you great talents and creative teamwork!

It is a great way for the right candidates to create a nationwide digital press coverage and at the same time share God's truth with their creativitv! Writing texts for Family Radio through various channels such as online and offline radio. The Family Stations, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a non-confessional company.

32k-k Creative Writer Jobs in Michigan

Things to do with a Creative Writer The creative writer uses his or her own experiences and fantasy to compose tales, poetry and other literature to bring the reader closer to an original novella. Your accountability for this careers can differ according to the nature of the contents and the company, but you usually produce materials that are entirely your own.

They work for publishers, marketers, as free authors or as free authors who produce contents on various topics for customers. So what are the most popular jobs similar to Creative Writer in Michigan? Which towns hire Creative Writer jobs in Michigan?

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