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The Microsoft Publisher is an office suite program mainly used to design publications, from websites and newsletters to business cards and brochures. Includes step-by-step instructions for creating a logo in Microsoft Publisher. This workspace has been prepared for designing a logo in Microsoft Publisher. Add a ready-made logo to your publisher publication and change it so that it is yours.

Making a logo in Microsoft Publisher

The Microsoft Publisher is an office software package mainly used for the design of publishing, from web sites and newsletter to visiting-card and brochure design. Publisher also allows you to design your own logo by changing one of the icons in the Publisher Design Gallery. All you need to do is make your own contents available in the form of logo text and images.

Customizing a logo in the publisher can help you reduce the amount of effort and cost involved in designing the logo. In Microsoft Publisher, open a release. Right-click where you want to add a logo to the file. Scroll through the logo themes and choose one you like. Choose the text and picture option you want, for example, room for two text rows with the logo.

Mark the text in the text field of the logo and substitute the wildcard text with your own contents. If you click on the thumbnail, the wildcard will be replaced by your own one. To have an artwork or graphic that you want to use for the logo, paste it here. Right click on the place holder and click on "Change image".

Choose the picture you want to paste. Continue making any further changes to the logo you want to make and saving the same.

Creating a logo in Microsoft Publisher: 9 easy ways to do this

Microsoft Publisher is a desk-top authoring program that is part of some editions of the Microsoft Office suite. The Publisher is conceived to be user-friendly and meets the needs of the typical consumer with little or no designing expertise. Describes how to apply a logo in Microsoft Publisher using step-by-step tutorial.

Launch the Publisher. From the Windows Start menu, click All Programs and then click Microsoft Office. From the submenu, click Publisher. Specify a working area sheet format. From the Publication types drop-down list in the lefthand side of the page, click Empty page sizing. Use the Letter options from the available font formats.

This workspace has been designed for creating a logo in Microsoft Publisher. Select a form for the logo. In the AutoShapes window, click on the "AutoShapes" icon in the Objects tool bar and observe the various sub-menus that appear in the "AutoShapes" area. Search the sub-menus to find a form, line, flag, cut-out or link to create your logo.

Change the form to fill the app-pane. Raise the mould to enhance the dissolution performance of the end result. To change the dimension of the form, click and drag a border or an area. It should extend to the border of the app-pane. Select a colour for the form.

Use the Fill Colors pushbutton on the tool bar. Use Other Fill Colors to pick a colour from the default colour settings, or click the User Defined submenu page to generate a user-defined fill colour. Please pick a colour that differs well from the colour of the type. Every possible shading or colour can be generated in the User defined colours submenu by changing the slider in the colour scheme or by changing the RGB-value.

Specify a colour for the contour of the form. Use the Line colour pushbutton on the tool bar. Use the More Contour Colours submenu to display each of the available line colours, or click the User Defined submenu page to generate a user-defined line colour. Every possible hue or colour can be set in the User -Defined Colours drop-down list by using the slider in the colour scheme.

Select a line type for the contour of the form. Use the Border/Line Type buttons on the tool bar and select the contour type and width from the available settings. Select either singles, doubles or triples line types or select the More Line checkbox at the bottom of the pulldown area.

Forms can be set to any width. Include the logo text. Right click on the form and from the drop-down list, click on the form. You will see a cursors in the form. Enter the text of the logo. Modify the logo text fonts. Right click on the theme and click Modify Text.

In the Fonts dialog window, specify a text type. Please chose a typeface that is easy to use. Right click on the text again and from the drop-down list, click Type. From the submenu, use the AutoFit text item and Best Fits. Store the logo as an icon filename. Right-click the item and use the drop-down list to browse to the folder and click the icon saved as icon.

Right-click the Save as Typ button and use the Bitmap drop-down list. From the Print Resolution settings in the Save As dialog field, set 300 dpi. A picture of the Publisher logo theme has been stored on your computer. Ease-of-use and legibility are the keys to efficient logo designs.

For the most part, you should not use more than 1 or 2 colours and select a typeface that is easy to view from afar.

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