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On the occasion of the Independent Bookstore Day we have our second local stock sale! asylum When you are considering to publish your textbook, there are many ways we can help you. Our complete publication suite is available and should be payable with our step-by-step program. Schools Literacy WorkshopsWe provide a face-to-face and personalized workshop services at competitively priced locations.

In case you have a textbook you would like to be published, please contact us, we will be pleased to advise you. Or we can help you introduce your textbook so that it becomes a tailor-made experience that gives your textbook the kind of introductory content it is worth. At some point we can even make the authors come alive: not only do we release novels, we also take great pleasure in helping our authors, and we are proud of our own services, because it is important to us that the writer feel part of the publisher's work and meet us regularly when his work becomes real.

Our designers will work with you to understand your character, make your illustration so that your books really come to life and set yourself apart from the rest, we can also assist you during the composition phase, often we overwhelm writers and need help with the structure or completion of their scripts before they are sure to share theirs.

To help you get over this, we can meet for a cup of tea and a talk and help you with the little issues that accompany you on the way to realizing your publication dreams.

Datjournalism for local publishers: Ahead of the event

Datatjournalism and hyper-local publication go together. Even though it has been conceived as the task of "collecting, cleansing, organising, analysing, visualising and disseminating information to help create journalistic activities", it really means different things to different individuals. In essence, the aim of information journaling is to use information as a message resource.

Putting a journalist on a month-long secret service can costs tens of thousands bucks for a messaging organisation, but burrowing into government record keeping is usually free. This difference in costs is only one of the causes why there has been a surge in demand for information journaling from regional publishing houses. It also gives smaller retailers more credibility when publishing conflicting tales, as it is difficult to use rough figures to justify their arguments.

Correspondingly, why do no longer companies practice the use of digital media any more? A number of hypralocal publishing houses are not sure what kind of information or record is available to them, or how they can retrieve the kinds of urban document that would be useful when compiling a major study. However, even more publishing houses are not sure what they should do with the collected information.

These are four instances of how your publisher can use information to build compelling investigation-story. Search your area' s finances. It can be an ideal place to research prospective media reporting initiatives. The financial division is in charge of supporting the municipal managers in the development, monitoring and management of the municipal household in many towns.

By looking through your area' s finances, reports can come up with all kinds of stories. Is there a larger project, such as a courthouse or an urban building, that has not been covered so far? What is the city's expenditure on post-employment benefit for its workers and how high are these rates compared to government average values?

Urban budget can be a good point of departure for a hypralocal media literacy program. Check the qualities of the regional school. All of us take good charge of our children, which is one of the reason why storytelling about community colleges works well on newsgroups. Today, most colleges are reporting their standard test results to the public on their districts' Web sites or on sites such as GreatSchools.org.

The information can be used by regional publishing houses to create all kinds of histories. Is there a correlation between racial and test results at your town' colleges, for example? Dates in such histories should be supplemented by numerous face-to-face meetings with headmasters and parent, which provide insight into the latest developments and in some cases why the background information does not tell the whole tale.

As a rule, policing protocols are publicly available and often show the precise locations or districts in which events have occurred. In order to reveal connections, the information can be compared by regional publishing houses with other types of government record - for example, telephone numbers for health care providers, censuses, wealth declarations or facility search. View the community leadership community account.

Almost all heads of state and government nowadays keep open and many also keep their own personal IMs. This site can be a repository of information for information writers. Returning in 2015, the Associated Press used Illinois congresswoman Aaron Schock's Instagram bank statement as a resource as it examined whether he had taken off on donor privately owned jet missions.

We also offer trainings for journalists who want to learn more about datatransport.

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