Local Book Publishing Companies

Publishers of local books

Publish and distribute books in the UK; Shieldcrest helps publish and distribute books in the UK at an affordable price. Inexpensive, private book publishers. Selecting the best self-publishers can make a big difference in the performance of a book. "Are there any clear, innovative authoring services companies that can help me through the minefield of publishing, marketing and sales?

Some POD companies are good.

Publisher and Distributor, Greenleaf

Retain the privileges of your work and make your creativity come to live with full command throughout the publishing world. We work with a dedicated staff of professionals and a proven history of over 35 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers to help you produce an extraordinary book that will flourish in the market.

Offical legal notice of the journal Inc. We have entered into a partnership with Inc. to provide corporate writers with an exciting new publishing opportunity that links our established publishing and sales capabilities with the coverage and promotional impact of Inc. and Inc.com. This is the legal notice of Fast Company Mag. We are turning the publishing sector upside down and want to see economic drivers who have done the same.

Fast-Company Publishing provides the sales power and recognizability of a conventional newspaper while still giving writers full ownership of their own works. The Greenleaf staff assisted me in creating an appealing and educational book. The Greenleaf project has had a decisive influence on the company's development.

We have only posted three important keynote speeches this past few months because the decision-makers have been reading the book. Luckily Greenleaf has not only published my book, they have joined forces with me to expand our game. As I ventured into the mystery of publishing your first book, I needed a companion and found it in Greenleaf.

Not only did they show excellent publishing capabilities, but they also led the Temple Ranch Cookbook through the entire lifecycle with great dedication and ardor. It' a lovely book and we are so proud of it! I had a great time with Greenleaf and the work with all the employees was a pleasure for me.

All of the writers at Greeneaf own their own book and can follow their sale, return and stock levels simply on line. GREENLAF SD Report Utility provides writers with a set of tools to monitor and analyse their success at any time.

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