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Letterpress printing services - quick and cost-effective We have a wide range of printing capabilities to ensure high value book production. Almost any kind of hardcover or hardcover can be ordered with fantastic results. When you are based in Columbus, Ohio, we invite you to drop by our offices and check the touchability of our products against those our customers have been printing through CreateSpace, DiggyPOD and various regional printinghouses.

We are sure you will be amazed by the papermaking qualities, shelf life and weights of our products, and we think you will like the value for money. When you need more than just a few titles, you should be ready to get big rebates on our already low rates. Even print is simple. When you have worked with other recorders, your document may have been declined several occasions with little or no explanations.

Pricing for printing your books will vary widely depending on the choices you choose, the amount you order and the volume of your work.

Print and Publishers

With the partnership with Minuteman Press, General printing now in place, we can again provide a wide variety of letterpress related service in Berkeley, which includes letterpress artwork and layout, type setting, envelope layout, proofreading, letterpress and fulfilment, ISBN and copyrights and even promotional work. Minuteman Press in Berkeley produces all kinds of small editions of all kinds of textbooks (200 - 20,000 copies).

Specialized in on-demand print of paperbacks, catalogues, datasheets and customer-specific textbooks of all sorts. Our full-service letterpress and publishers provide a full range of print and publishers' software ranging from the creation of your own printed materials to book distribution. Pre-press activities include: Among the company's product range are The refining activities include:

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You have just completed your specific work and are looking for a way to publish it? Today's letterpress printer service eliminates the need to await a specialist publisher to take up your work. Are you willing to see your work in printed form? Our facilities and know-how enable us to provide our customers with the best from off-set and ditit.

We specialise in small and mid-sized print runs for educationalists, self-publishers, publishing houses and companies. We can bind adhesive bind, cardboard bind, spool bind, adhesive bind and saddlestitch.

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