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Bookshops in the area

Take a look at the book distribution from Ingram's perspective. Every place you can personally buy a book is a retailer - Amazon is a retailer, as is your local indie bookstore. The Channel Sales allows you to order and distribute your book to online booksellers and retailers around the world. The Consortium Book Sales & Distribution, home to a community of award-winning publishers, believes in the power of independent voices. Email: eurospan@turpin-distribution.


Booksellers and wholesalers lists

Booksellers help publishing houses to place their products in bookshops, libaries, specialist shops, colleges and other malls. Below is a listing of the top booksellers and distributors, followed by dealers in alphabetical order (scroll down for booksellers in Canada and the UK). Notice that some independents may find that smaller distributors and those with a special book emphasis are more indie-author-friendly.

Biggest bookseller for bookshops, retail, schools, and more. Baker & TaylorBaker & TaylorBiggest provider of library products. Distributed also to various retail outlets. Biggest freelance title US publisher American West Book, Inc. Sales and fulfilment service for small printing machines with less than 10 magazines, many non-fiction in the catalogue.

Authorised sales partner of Baker & Taylor and Ingram. DistributionBella DistributionSales to independant bookshops and small press chains. The Baker and Taylor Publisher Services (formerly Bookmasters) serves a large number of retail customers. Specialized in the sale of city guides and afroamerican writers. Sales of printed and electronic textbooks. Dealer who works with independant publishing houses.

Disseminator and editor of self-help, self-help and metaphysics textbooks. Precious Stone Guide Book Co. Distributors and publishers of rock/mineral and historic and local publications. Boutiques for general retail, souvenir stores, galleries and specialist stores. D-814 William St. Dealer with acquisition agencies in New York and marketing in Kansas City.

Distribution of adults' and children's literature to retail outlets. There are no publishing houses with one or less publications. The New Leaf Distribution Co. World' s biggest spirituality, metaphysics and New Age distributors. High Quality Literature, Inc. This is for publishing houses that print four or more publications per year. Specialized in sciences, nature guide and local story, especially for the specialized trade.

Canadians booksellers: Distributed to independents and specialist dealers. Stafford St. 300-76 Stafford St. Domestic distributors to Canada's booksellers and non-traditional booksellers. American bookstore distributors, needs publishing houses with a turnover of $1 million per year. Authors friendlier sale in Canada. U.K. Bookseller: This is one of the biggest distributors in Great Britain. Tonbridge, publisher must have UK selling activities and stocks in the UK.

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