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Developed by Microsoft, Windows Live Writer was a desktop blog publishing application that is part of the Windows Live product line. A Theme Fixer is a utility to fix problems with topic recognition with Open Live Writer. Allows you to download Windows Live Writer (Windows) free and secure. Latest version of Windows Live Writer: A free blogging tool for Windows Live users.

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It included wide-area image editing, photopublishing and maps publication capabilities and was Windows Live Space, SharePoint blog, blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, Telligent Community,, JournalHome, the MetaWeblog API, Movable Type API, Blogengine, Squarespace and all of Really Simple Discovery supporters. The Windows Live Writer has implemented the Provider Customizing API, which provides both a comprehensive adjustment of the Windows Live Writer behaviour and the ability to enhance the game.

Windows Live Space, WordPress, and TypePad all used this application to provide extra service-specific functionality in Windows Live Writer. The Windows Live Writer was available in 48 different programming language versions. The Windows Live Writer is built on Onfolio Writer[5], a solution Microsoft has received through the Onfolio takeover. The 2008 release took place on November 6, 2007.

This includes in-line spelling check, spreadsheet processing, adding headings, page creation for WordPress and TypePad, extract and advanced entry generation, enhanced hyper-linking and inserting images, and a new Paste Special feature. Enhanced SharePoint 2007 integrations, new user-defined extension libraries for web log vendors, automated synchronisation of web and web processing, Windows Live Gallery integrations and Blogger labeling.

Windows Live Writer 2009 was launched as part of the Windows Live Essentials Suites on December 15, 2008. Published September 30, 2010, Windows Live Writer 2011 with the new Ribbon-frontend. Windows Live Writer 2012 was launched on August 7, 2012 as part of the Windows Essentials 2012 Suites, the last big offical updat.

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