Little Writer App

Small Writer App

It is a well-made application for writing exercises. The app adds shapes and numbers to the usual letter and word practice. Answering yes will make you happy with today's App Little Writer. It' a free application that allows children to track letters and numbers and practice handwriting. With this fun writing application you can customize it with your own pictures, audio files and words.

The Little Writer - The search app for children

It is a well-made application for typing exercises. The app blends forms and numbers into common lettering and expression. The forms included star, stone (remind your kid that a stone is also known as a rhombus), semicircle and faces of smilies. The words are gradually formed, but when your child's typing is complete, it will label the image.

If your kid is more experienced, a neat thing is that the app won't keep him/her waiting until he/she follows the points, but can move quickly.

Complimentary App Exercise handwriting with Little Writer

Do you children learn numbers and characters? Do they learn how to spell the numbers and characters? Answering yes will make you happy with today's App Little Writer. It' a free application that allows children to track characters and numbers and practise writing. As children open the app, they can select what they want to practice: uppercase, lowercase, numbers, forms or words.

When you have selected the section you want to practise, you will see an object on the monitor. You show them the correct letters or numbers, then they are asked to follow the letters or numbers of a small beast. In the Word section, the children still follow one character after another.

Once they have found all the characters of the words, they see the words move from a certain angle to the middle of the page and listen to them reading it out loud. Use it to write your own words or characters and record your own voices. If your preferred languages have more characters than English, you can use more.

Allows you to output the characters in any order or in alphabetic order. Overwrite the measured values in the app and save them with your own recording part. Practise your handwriting. Depending on your child's ability, you can let the baby work with your finger or a pen for small brush.

To learn how to help children practise writing on the iPad, see How to use a pen for children. Practise pronunciating characters, numbers and plain words. To log in, read all the words, characters and numbers. Voice Capture allows those whose speech is not British to pick up the right tone in their own speech.

It is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Are you looking for more applications to help children with ABC?

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