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That is probably why this list of weird things that children have written to their parents or teachers is so hilarious. That little child left a post-it on a locker and wrote: "You are stronger than you think. Children sometimes get a little bored or confused when asked to write their name just to practice. Newest tweets from Kids Write Wokes (@KidsWriteJokes). I'm hosting a website for children's jokes.

Forty Hilariously Honest Notes from Children

Be it their complete unawareness of societal standards or their poor grasp of how the workings of the outside wide globe, children definitely say the darkest things (we can thank Bill Cosby Art Linkletter for shaping this sentence). That' probably why this is so funny this is why this list of strange things that children have been writing to their folks or masters.

We have created our own collection of fun children's snaps. P.S.: For more strange things that children have said, see our article about the scariest and strangest things that children have said.

Manuscript lessons, writing and for children

Very effective program teaches children of all ages to learn to use. Focus on orthography will help children to become better readership! There are 50 practical spell exercises for phonists and the visually impaired, ideal for young children. And who says that spell-checking classes have to be dull and have no topic? This spell checkers are a funny Thanksgiving handicraft and orthographic all-in-one.

The elephant and piggy of Mo Willems! Oh, I loved the Elephant and Piggie by Mo Willems! k. Learning how to create and use an experiential guide to improve the reading and speaking abilities of youngsters, pre-schoolers, and kids with speech ailments. Free-Freelance Letters Sound Letters Tracing Sheets ~ Practise early manuscript AND character tones at the same intonation!

Featuring a hand-made building jelly-boarding skill - snowboard with styling gels! SHOULD it with the enclosed script (can see ALL character forms at once and practise all of them!).

Twenty-one children's gags so evil they're really good.

It is the highest joke of small kids if it is the least kind of joke. The shortest visit to KidsWriteJokes Twitter page is glory after all. It all began as Tumblr page Bad Kids Joke in 2012, before it was expanded on Twitter in 2016.

Although KidsWriteJokes has only been on Twitter for 21 month, it already has over 70,000 fans. All of the bank accounts were signed by kids. The bank overdid it.

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