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The course will teach you about the creative writing process and help you to become a better reader with a deeper understanding of literary theories and texts. A bachelor of arts degree in English literature and creative writing. Note: The Creative Writing and Literature course is open to all LSA students. Learn about English literature and creative writing at the University of Warwick, including entry requirements, fees and application documents. Specialization in creative writing and English language and literature.

Bundesauditorium for English Literature and Creative Writing

The first level begins with a wide introductory course in the art and social sciences, followed by up to two different subject areas. Level 2 focuses on your creative writing and the study of English literature with two mandatory study units. Level 3 concludes your course with an intermediate creative writing and literature credit.

You will also be taught the creative processes, developing your fictional, poetic and writing abilities and getting to know the publication as well. In Level 3 you will evolve your writing abilities and how to maintain longer, more complicated works of writing fictions, writing lives and writing lyric. BA (Honours) English Literature and Creative Writing uses a wide range of course material and has the following elements: working in a group with other undergraduates.

After you have already completed your studies at college you may be able to credit it towards your Open College degree - which could help you reduce your studies by saving your own amount of extra credit. In addition to studying at universities, a broad spectrum of occupational or occupational skills such as the HNC and HND can also be used.

You have to know what you have been studying, where and when, and you have to prove your prior work. Upon successful completion of your studies you will receive the title BA (Honours) English Literature and Creative Writing. You have the possibility to participate in a diploma celebration. Your final grade (1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd or 3rd grade) will depend on your marks in levels 2 and 3.

The English literature and creative writing studies will provide you with a variety of abilities that will give you access to a variety of professions that lead you into a number of careers. You will also improve your writing and IT knowledge. This is a core competency that is critical to many different types of organizations and is in high demand in the beyond graduate worlds - whether you are already working, voluntary or moving on.

With a broad spectrum of studies and analytical background, coupled with an education in clear thought and communications, this course is applicable to a broad spectrum of professions, including: charity and campaign. In some professions, further academic, educational and/or professional experiences may be required outside of your studies. Besides the improvement of your professional perspectives, a course of studies at the OU is an enrichening adventure that will broaden your horizon, develop your know-how, strengthen your self-confidence and strengthen your competence in the world.

Several areas of the Carreer Services website are now available, which includes help with finding and submitting work. There is also more general information on how the OU course promotes your professional development. Meanwhile, we have compiled a checklist of professional qualifications for you (note that some professions may call for studies, education and/or work experiences outside your studies): Information Clerks.

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