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Visit the classics and discover acclaimed new books with our wide selection of literature. Browse hundreds of American, English, and world literature books, including fiction classics, criticism, and humor. Large selection of new and used contemporary literature books. Explore your new favorite literature books at affordable prices. Discover fiction & literature.

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Browse our collection of literary books from America, England, and the rest of the globe, which includes classic literature, critique, and comedy. Here you will also find our world-famous Thrift Editions, the best-selling range of full and uncut poems, literature, non-fiction and dramas by Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Joseph Conrad, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and other composers.

These are the cheapest issues of the best literature books ever made. When you' re looking for classical literature, there's no better or more accessible option than a Dover classical! eBooks are available for many of our bestsellers.

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This is a comprehensive look at the greatest works of literature from the East and West and the topics that connect them, for student and literary and reading enthusiasts. This book is a captivating trip through the greatest works of literature in the whole Gatsby area.

Biographical essays by important writers provide insights into their life and other works, and a section on further literature contains more than 150 other works to research. With The Literature Book you can discover masterworks by the world's greatest writers and discover the contexts, artistic histories and literature tradition that have shaped every great work of work.

Overview of series: The Big Ideas Simply Exlained range uses imaginative designs and cutting-edge visuals, as well as simple and appealing typing, to make complicated topics clear. The prizewinning books offer exactly the information that is of interest to the student, family or anyone interested in a short, thought-provoking refresher course on a particular topic.

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Belletristic-romanies have developed over time from relatively straightforward narratives to gripping, intriguing ones which, thanks to international writers such as Jane Austen, Kurt Vonnegut, Haruki Murakami and George Orwell, to name but a few, have caught the imagination of the whole wide globe. Whilst it has altered and extended the way you can view this literature, the equation is the same across different browsers and still offers you a number of choices.

What does fictional literature do for you? Whilst many group point aid the content of nonfiction, it strength be casual for you to ignore the information that genrefiction can endow you with any good as excavation. In contrast to non-fiction, the realm of fictional literature is very open to interpretation from your point of view as a readership.

Be it a detective story by Michael Connelly, a mere enigma by Agatha Christie or a romantic by Nicholas Sparks, most tales have a protagonist that the writer tries to anthropomorphize in many ways. Research has shown that literature literacy can improve both your sense of society and your sensitivity.

Notion can help you to concentrate better, which in turn will help you to address issues and break down barriers in your work. Which are the most popular forms of fictitious letters? There is literature in all forms and dimensions, and it is structured not only by gender but also by the nature of the history.

When you want to make a selection by length, it can be useful to know how these books are grouped. Remember that any length of letter can be further subdivided into sub-genres like full-length fiction like the letter of Stephen King and short stories by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Poesy, like Rupi Kaur's milk and honey, is one of the briefest shapes and often offers a multitude of histories and scenes in one book, mostly with shared themes and verses. Poetical works of literature are separated from all other kinds that authors commonly call poetics. Shorts can be a story that is not long enough for novels or novelist' styles or a compilation of smaller works, sometimes even with different authors who have decided to work together on a shared topic such as romanticism, ghosts or thrillers.

Novel marks the intermediate point because they are too long to be written in brief, but not long enough to be newswires.

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