Literature and Creative Writing

Writing Literature and Creative Writing

With the Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, students will focus more on the generation of writing. Writing and literature students have a real passion for reading and writing. Useful information about English literature and creative writing. For centuries Europe has inspired writers and poets, from Shakespeare to Moliere. MSc in Creative Writing and Literature for Educators.

Master in Creative Writing & Literature

Improve your creative writing and literature literacy through literature classes and writing studios in literature, screenplay, poetics and non-fiction. Refine your handicraft and find your voices with group and one-to-one lessons as well as a one-to-one course and a full weeks on college campuses. With a Masters in creative writing and literature:

Development of abilities in different categories, incl. cinematography, specialized literature and dramaturgy. Analyse literary works and how to deal with them as a literary and scholarly work. This course consists of 12 classes of one whole university year. They begin with the completion of two prescribed study programmes, as described on the page with the study prerequisites.

During your second course of study, you must hand in your job applications. Proceed with your study, on-line and on-screen. While you are going through the programme, you can select between on-line and on-activities, which are available all year round, in autumn, early and late May. They work one-to-one with a dissertation supervisor on an inventive, creative writing work of at least 50 pages.

At the end you are producing a creative work worth publishing. Masters of Liberal Arts (ALM) in Extension Studies: Writing and literature. In 2018-19 our fees are $2,750 per course; the overall costs for the graduation are approximately $33,000.

British Literature and Creative Writing 2018 | Undergraduate

What's the point of studying English literature and creative writing with Warwick? Someone can be creative anywhere. Those are some of the things that can only help you write creatively. These have long been associated with Warwick's graduation in English literature and creative writing. First of all, this course enables you to understand English literature from its legendary roots to the here and now.

What is the structure of my studies? It introduces you to writing poems, literature, non-fiction and writing for performances and new music. They are studying'English Literature from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance' and appreciate it in the contexts of modern convictions and societal development. In modern world literature you will be able to acquire the necessary communicative and analytical abilities to be able to discuss literature from 1789 until today, or you can decide to either improve or extend your knowledge of another one.

In our Shakespeare and select playwrights of his Zeit for example modul, the students recently created films and radiadaptions, music, paintings, sculptures and photographs based on Shakespeare's work. They are designed to show how you think about text and the essence and importance of creative writing.

See what our undergraduates are saying about Warwick. Listen to Warwick alumni Tim and Ben and see where their degrees in English literature and creative writing have taken them.

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