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The term setting is a literary term used to identify and define the time, place and mood of the events of a story. J. Cave compilation of prompts for literary analysis. How do you select an excellent topic for your literary work? Wellcome to the creative writing prompts page!

It can be a great help if you are a story starter or if you are staring at your computer and have nothing to write.

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Neil Simon, b. 1927. Command Prompt: Make a picture of your protagonist's former days when he/she had the opportunity to take a gamble and didn't do it - a choice he/she ever regretted..... Franz Kafka, b. 1883. Command Prompt: Create a scenario in which your character selects a physical property through an important personality relation.

Hermann Hesse, b. 1877. Command Prompt: Create a scenery in which your character articulates a thought that is completely.... -George Sand, a pen name for Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, maiden name on that day in 1804. Command Prompt: Create a scenario in which your protagonist's sanity falls apart because of his vainness.

"You have to be educated to be second grade; that's not how you were born." Lena Horne, b. 1917. Command Prompt: Create a scenery in which a supervisor makes your character attentive to the actual or perceptible difference in classes between your character and him..... Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, b. 1900.

Command Prompt: Create a scenario in which a character who your character is in love with is refusing to believe that he and your character do not look alike.....

Prompts about Literature | High School Writing

These literary magazine calls allow pupils to engage with fiction and other works they read. They are asked to consider important literary aspects of the nature, settings and conflicts in relation to works of their choosing. Be it the wicked Smaug from The Hobbit, Long John Silver from Treasure Island or Iago from Shakespeare's book Shakespeare's book Ithello, the movie's protagonist is the villain we like to hates.

That is the person who tries to defeat or fight the main characters or heroes. Consider antagonist you totally disdain. Please make an article that describes some of the ways the writer uses this feeling. Type a section in which you explain why such a straightforward act as maintaining a journal led to global recognition for Anne.

Settings is a literary concept to define and define the period, place and atmosphere of the happenings of a film. Select a novel you have been reading and describe how the settings complement the storyline. Conflicts in the world of writing are the battle between two or more conflicting powers. Conflicts can be presented in three ways:

There is an internal dispute when a player fights with his consciousness or for a choice. It is an outside dispute. This can be either a corporal or an emotive battle between the different people. That is another type of internal dispute. Here the protagonists are played off against the company or against natural features.

Select a play of music you have recently been reading. Type one or two paragraphs with some samples of conflicts within the work. So if you liked these prompts for high schools, you should look every Wednesday to see if you can do more!

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