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Examples of non-fiction books

Some conventions exist to support the author - for example, we may "invent" the direct speech. The other types of literary articles, also known as creative articles, include biography, travelogues, interviews, memoirs, personal essays, nature texts and much more. The students examine the similarities and differences between literary and informative non-fiction books. Learn GMT literary non-fiction through pdf - NONFICTION READING. Examples of "literary non-fiction":.

Non-fiction: Essays, Diaries, Letters & more - Video & Lesson Transcript

View this videotape tutorial to discover the literary non-fiction business. You' ll get to know the commonalities and distinctions between magazines, blogs, memoir and much more. Which is literary non-fiction? The non-fiction, to which every letter belongs, which is founded on actual occurrences, comprises a wide range of writings. There are two categories of non-fiction that are informative and literary.

Information articles contain the letter with the aim of describing or expressing facts. Literature books also contain facts, but are intended to amuse the readers. The literary non-fiction article thus appears like a fictional piece and has narrative features such as characters, settings and storylines. A few examples of literary non-fiction books are individual magazines, journal, memoirs, covers and articles.

Many literary articles can be described as autobiographic, which is done from the authors view. There are, however, many short works that are still regarded as autobiographic. One of these works is a diary, in which every day individual experience and observation are recorded in pen. You can keep a magazine for a few years or even a few short days, but it always has a matter-of-fact presentation of the author's experience.

A further related autobiographic work is the blog. Like magazines, logs contain a report of experience on a day-to-day basis. It differs that logs contain your own thoughts and sentiments. Whilst a blog is more factual, a blog can have a person's most profound mysteries and wishes; as such, it is usually not intended to be share with someone.

About her own thoughts and emotions about what happened to her familiy. The third kind of autobiographic work is the Memoiren. Notes are very similar to magazines and blogs because they reflect the authors own experience. Just like a diary, memories can also disclose the storyteller's own sentiments.

Memoir is different because it is not created every day, is for publication and distribution, and is usually focused on a particular occasion or topic. One last example of an autobiographic work of literary non-fiction is a post. Often contains thoughts and views, but is only addressed to one individual.

Letter are never really intended to be posted and are usually rejected once the news has been sent.

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