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We' re always looking for new and original literary talents. She is currently accepting submissions of literary literature and commercial women's literature. Madeleine Milburn Frahlingur - women's fiction Archives Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV & Film Authority is a premier Frahlingur company headquartered in the UK. Madeleine Milburn is known for finding new authors, making big deal negotiations in all types of mediums such as printing, digitizing, translation and film & TV, and making textbooks best-sellers. Madeleine was named Literary Agent of the Year at the British Book Awards in 2018.

Now in its 7th year and with three full-time agents, a representative of international law and an internal copywriter, the bookseller described the company as "an important player in publishing".


Our clients include a broad spectrum of writers who write for the erotic markets, from imaginative non-fiction to specialist literature, business fiction to literary fiction, as well as new fiction for adults, young adults and the mid-tier. Since more than 17 years the agent and its co-agents negotiate numerous agreements with publishing houses all over the globe and for adaption in other medias like movie and TV.

"Big Think" textbooks, pioneering research-based non-fiction, historical and political, psychological, educational, economic, scientific, memoirs, human well-being and real criminality. The fiction we write ranges from female literature to literary fiction, sophisticated mystery, romanticism and imagination. Please click on the biographies of our employees and writers for more information about our Frahlingur.

WRITERS - Kate Nash Frahlingur

Broady is writing historic legends in the town of Hull in Yorkshire. She is a writer of historic fiction (Royalist Rebel, Pen & Sword) and the Flora Maguire Mystery in Edwardian England, edited by Aria. Writing romanticized tension and secrets, Sue Fortin is the writer of the bestselling The Girl Who Song and Sister Sister, edited by HarperImpulse.

She is Marie Maxwell and wrote a number of romance books from the 1960'. and mythical fiction. She' the writer of Maid of Oaklands Manor, an e-Book best-seller, and the Penhaligon Legends serial (Piatkus). Also writing YA under the name Gill-Marie Stewart. is the best-selling writer of A Hundred Ways for a Dog to Exercise Its Human Being.

Virginia Heath, a London native, wrote spirited, hot-blooded reigning novels full of spirited characters to be loved. She is a much-loved writer of historic women's literature. She' the writer of Daughter of Darkness, who won the 2002 Malaysian Novel of the Year series.

Cato Joyce wrote classical enigmas with a turn. She' s also the playwright, as Faith Martin, the DI Hilary Greene sibling. A prizewinning novelist of medium and young adults, Helen Watts specializes in historic fiction. Fédérique Martin is the Kindle best-selling novelist of the DI Hilary Greene serie (Joffe Books) and is currently working on a new Oxford enigmasery.

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