Literary Agents who Represent Fantasy

Literatary agents representing the imagination

Frahlingen, who represent fantasy novels I' ll be listing operatives by office. Each of the above mentioned agencies say that they will either represent at least one part of the Fantasy Genres (be it city, modern YA, conventional or what-have-you) or have been selling a Fantasy/paranormal novel. I would suggest that you check each of your agencies and websites before submitting a request to make sure you have the latest information about how you want to get requests and whether they are even open for filing (sometimes agencies suspend filing for one or more months) when you are willing to submit them.

Googleing the spy is also a good option - once they've done the interview, you can get a better picture of what kind of script they're looking for. While some of these agencies only allow Young Adult or Medium Grade fantasies, others do not look at children's literature at all, so make sure you verify before adding them to your request lists.

2016 Fantasy Agents!

I published a roster of operatives representing sci-fi last months, along with some of their most recent commentaries about what they're looking for. Frankly, most of the same folks here..... but not all the same folks, and some of their wishes here are specifically for the imagination. It' not a full listing, but a long one!

It seems that many operatives are looking for different writers who are creating different universes, and for YA fantasies. If you click on the frahling's name, you will get more information about him, although you may have to move down the page. Adults, YA and MG imagination. Aiming to represent the MG imagination.

Interested in MG-Fantasy, too. Fuse Literary will be closing until January 15, 2016. I say this for Trident: all her spy-picture profiles look smooth as hell. Shows only MG and YA. New Leaf Literary and Media, Inc. Adult- and YA-fantasy. His speciality is imagination.

In search of MG, YA and adult imagination. Dunham Literary, Inc. New Leaf Literary and Media, Inc. Need an operative to release a phantasy novel? Whilst they may open doors to some of the larger publisher you may not be able to directly file, there are many publisher you may be able to file without an Agent, and I will be doing a review of those next weeks.

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