Literary Agents who Represent Fantasy

Literatarians representing the imagination

Fifteen agents looking for adult fantasy novels NOW It is sometimes hard to find out which agents are open for submission at any given point in the game. In this sense, starting in Late 2016, I am now compiling new Verticals Agents looking for requests. These are for adults fantasy books. From August 2016 all agents below have told me in person that they are NOW looking for ( "speculative") entries for grown-up fantasy-fiction.

It loves tales with powerful vocals and above all loves complicated feminine figures, coming-of-age stories...[and] fantasy that leads it into a foreign underworld. Include an enquiry and the first five pages of your paper (in the e-mail - no attachments!). Inquire via email[at] and set "Query for Valerie:

Titel ]" in the email header. For a short abstract of your work, please email lauren[at] together with the first ten pages of the text. Submit a request message to submissions[@] Attach the first five pages of your novel to your request for quotation. Please submit your inquiry and a 1-2-page abstract and the first ten pages of your paper to queryconnor[@]

Insert all contents into the text of the e-mail; the attachment will not be opened. Submit a request message and your contacts to gc[@] Submit inquiries to query[@] Enter "Search for Michelle" and the name of your novel in the message heading. Attach a summary and the first 10 pages of your script.

There are no appendices. is the guide for Frahlingen. Please forward your request with 1-2 pages summary and the first 10-15 pages in the text of your e-mail to queries[@] Please address your inquiry to querylindsay[at] Include the first five pages of your paper below your request - Appendices will not be opened.

I' ll answer all your questions, so if you haven't received an answer from me within three week, please do. Submit requests to query[@] Enter your name and the name of the work in the field "Subject". Insert a summary and the first 25 pages of your ms into the text of the e-mail.

Send her an e-mail to Rebecca[@] with a short request for information about your story, your biography and the first five pages of the text of the e-mail. Enter the words "Query" and your name in the reference line. Send a request to vselvaggio[@] winstream. net and enter "Request" in the reference line of your e-mail.

To find an agents, please submit the first twenty pages of the text of your e-mail, together with a biography with a section and a section abstract (pitch): A LITERARY BooksGET A LITERARY ANGENT from 2015 gives advices from more than 110 frahlings, who give advices on questions, crafts, the filing procedure, research and much more.

Fill with all the advices you will ever need to find an agency, this is a great companion guide to literary agents for the agency data base.

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