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View reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best women in Seattle, WA. Frahlingur Nancy Ellis Frahlingur Nancy Ellis greets the Year of the Dragon and is looking forward to another year of success in its 36-year old companion. As of 2010, the agency is moving its emphasis from a very eclectical listing to a listing that concentrates on textbooks that are transforming and life-changing, which includes literature and non-fiction.

Memoirs and narratives are of particular interest, but any history with great effect is seriously considered. Last year, NELA saw the acclaimed publication of Churchill's Secretary Agent by Max and Linda Ciampoli, a novel inspired by the real history of Winston Churchill's favourite intelligence man (Penguin Putnam).

A Man for All Seasons" by Martha Stewart's favourite animal caretaker Marc Morrone and co-author Nancy Ellis-Bell (Random House). Lucinda Hare's "Theight on Dragon Isle" is the second novel by the UK Random House Novel. On the serious, factual side and to the start on March 13, Jim Garrow's "Pink Pagoda", the gripping memoirs of a man whose continuing quest to rescue little women from gender murder in China, brought him a Nobel Peace Prize nominee for his tragic, philanthropical work (WND Books, Ellis-Bell as author).

Andrea Giovino's "Using Street Smarts to Leads a Smarter Life", a descriptive look at how a former Mafia agent was reforming and redeeming her own lives, forms the foundation for Andreas's new TV show; the famous filmmaker Jaz Fabry's "Hidden Vineyards", the first work in a number of " covert " motifs;

"Redemption Project" by Keith Davis Linton, a Los Angeles-based decorative investigator, is carrying his messages of expectation to America's most respected Miss Porter's in New York City and to the most downtown ghettos in America; and "Love It AND Let It: 2 Americans 10,000 Miles Apart, One Vision of Heaven, co-authored by Philip Gold, a well-published Israeli volunteer politician, and Kamron Coleman, a Washington State philosopher handyman, both examine what it means to be an American in the traditions of our nation's forefathers.

Further developments are the memoirs of the legendary Grizzly Adams, alias Dan Haggerty, and Hugh Hefner's playfellow Barbi Benton. Among the books currently being submitted are John Newman's Buffalo Dreamers and Michael Kar's The Illumination of Spinosa's Desk. Recently autographed works are "Golden Brown" by Raul Reyes, the humorous and cordial memory of a Filipino in quest of his Roman spirit; "Home Sweet Home" by Allan Schwartz, an extraordinary view of navigation in the property markets in the manner of Mark Twain encounters Agatha Christianie;

The agency's extended view is rounded off by the implementation of films, in collaboration with an "A" movie agents in Los Angeles. His nickname "Bulldogge" still holds true, and Ellis-Bell is dedicated to the continued popularity of her work.

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