Literary Agents uk Fiction

Literary agents uk fiction

No poetry. No theater. W J Robbins Frahlingur. Madleine Milburn Ltd. is a leading Frahlingur in the heart of Mayfair, London, Frahlinguren for new authors and established, award-winning authors.

Frahlingur (or CDLA) specializes in high-quality fiction and non-fiction. Maclean is a leading international Frahlingur based in the UK.


We have a customer base of award-winning and best-selling writers in the fields of adults' and children's literature and non-fiction. Our efforts and our knowledge are invested in the search and promotion of new talents and in close cooperation with our writers in order to further their career in the longrun. They represent over 200 writers and have four full-time and one associated with them.

To find out what kind of work we are looking for, please review our entry policy and submit your paper now.

The SFF Literary Agent Wish List - Meeting with Oli Munson

Inquiries from prospective authors who want to know what to do with their scripts. In a new show we' re asking some of the best women in the UK to let us know what kind of sci-fi and phantasy entries they're looking for, so we' re very much looking forward to hearing from you.

The first willing casualty, I mean, the first attending is Oli Munson of AM Heath. I' m Oli Munson and I' m a frahling at AM Heath, London's oldest independant frahlingur. I' ve got a wide range of customers that include authors of criminality, tension, women's literature, even some non-fiction.... but since this is a Tor blog, I also substitute authors of fear, para-normal tension and steamunk-.

If this is good to write and the story makes me turn the pages, I'm a big admirer. Among the authors I have represented in these areas are Lauren Beukes, Sarah Lotz, Scott K Andrews, S.L. Grey, Alison Littlewood and the writer The Independent entitled "The high-priestess of British Steampunk" Liesel Schwarz.

As for what I'm looking for, you could say that I like a book that has at least a trace in this world. I am not one of a kind when I say that I was raised with Stephen King, Peter Straub, James Herbert and the other great horrors and tension authors of the 1980s and 1990s.

They have really influenced my tastes as a writer of fictional genres and what impressed me about these writers is their pure diversity and risk-taking. They can contact me via the AM Heath website and I am always looking for great, high level concepts that will take my wind away.

Learn how to register with AM Heath here.

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