Literary Agents uk Fiction

Literary agents uk fiction

Frahlingur, based in Manchester, UK, specialising in contemporary fiction from the crime and thriller genre to romance and high-concept. Frahlingur, Edinburgh, UK. Presents adult fiction, children's books and YA. Literary fiction agents. Writers &


Literary fiction agents

Literature and non-fiction, children's and performing arts. Literary and nonfiction for adults; 20% of the total is for the children's bookstore. Edits photo and fiction for 5-8 and 9-12 year old people, teen fiction, serial fiction, film/TV bindings and non-fiction. Not sci-fi, scripts, poems or shorts except for our mainstreams.

Representatives in the USA and all over Europe and Japan. from 5 years to young adults. If you wish to send back the materials, please enclose the back shipping costs. If you do not wish to receive international reply coupons, please provide an e-mail if you are sending in from abroad. Don't take picturesheets.

Customers, Christopher Andrew, Nadeem Aslam, Bella Bathurst, Anita Brookner, Prof. Kathleen Burk, Joseph Connolly, Stevie Davies, John Dougherty, Geoff Dyer, RJ. Ellory, Katie Fforde, Graham Hancock, Tobias Hill, Conn Iggulden, Marina Lewycka, Lucy Mangan, Hilary Mantel, Maggie O'Farrell, Tim Pears, Susan Price, Ben Richards, Client Stafford Smith, Barbara Trapido.

Among the children's writers are Nicholas Allan, John Dougherty, Nick Gifford, Joanna Nadin, Susan Price, John Singleton, Rose Wilkins, Leslie Wilson, the booths of Noel Streatfeild, Helen Cresswell and Joan Aiken.

Ampersand Agency

We' re a frahlingur for bookwrights of different kinds. In our negotiation, we provide our editors with open editing consulting on the basis of our publisher's know-how and are both reliable and reliable in safeguarding transactions that work for all parties. We use all possibilities in a constantly evolving environment to find the broadest possible public for our creators in all types of music.

Headquarters | MBA Frahlingen

For over 45 years now, MBA has been located in Fitzrovia, London, and is a major frahlingur that represents authors of all types of mediums - films, TV, radio and theater. Which Manor Of murderer by Christopher William Hill is now available! That boy at Alex Dahl's door is out now!

Which Manor Of murderer by Christopher William Hill is now available! That boy at Alex Dahl's door is out now!

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