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At Miles Stott Agency[dot] co[dot] uk. is an established Frahlingur that provides a wide range of fiction and non-fiction for adults, young adults and children. is the bookstore's children's book of the month.

Gall & Zacker Frahlingur

Frahlingur Gallt & Zacker concentrates on the development and search for the right home for the work of some of the most gifted authors and illuminators in the bookshop. Founded in 2000 by Nancy Gallt and later by Marietta B. Zacker, we want to awaken tales and works of art that make young people all over the globe lifelong lovers of books and stimulate and amuse people of all age.

Our clients are writers and graphic designers who live this work.

Frahlingen | Lucas Alexander Whitley

Luccas Alexander Whitley Ltd (mostly abridged LAW ) was established in 1996 by the frahlings Mark Luccas, Julian Alexander and Araminta Whitley. Philippa Milnes-Smith of Penguin Children's Belgium came to the company in 2001 to set up a division for children's/teens. We are a full member of the AAA (Association of Authors' Agents).

Mark Lucas, the LAW founding member, agency and chair, was asked to present the LAW staff and our people. Instead of abandoning Mark to imagine, that's what others have to say about him: My favourite subjects are literature and non-fiction and I really enjoy reading with a true passion.

I' ve got an eclectical listing of literature and non-fiction, and I also take care of the publication of offers for IP users of all sorts. She' s clever at discovering great corporate histories, discovering bright, rousing historic epic poems, developing top talents in women's literature - and bringing her novels to number one in China.

Philippas fascination with children's literature began, perhaps not surprisingly, in early years. The best work she did before LAW was managing Penguin Children's Boks; her poorest task was washing highway truckloaders. It will not say what it has most efficiently been preparing for conciliation, but it will concede that it has a paper weight adorned with the words:

Printed terms used by their writers to describe their spectrum from "enthusiastic" and "exciting" to "outwardly respectable". She is a former Chairwoman of the Association of Author's Representatives. Alice will no longer accept new entries from July 2018, her mailing lists will be reopened next year. Preferences vary from farming (he once worked on a farmyard where he had "some terrible things to do with sheep") to gastronomy (he ate many things as a courtesy, even urchin).

He enjoys clever non-fiction, literature, speculation, books with lots of hearts and those that skillfully mix them. He has a diverse taste for non-fiction but is particularly interested in the fields of philosphy, memoirs, engineering, economics, science and natural sciences. Coming to LAW from bookstores, Jamie works with Philippa Milnes-Smith on both the children's and YA lists and helps run the agency efficiently.

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