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Literary & ; Media Agents. Associates Talent & Literary Management Inc. Beadle Literary Agency is a Toronto-based boutique agency and publishing consultancy.

Selling Canadian and American rights directly, we work with co-agents for international and film rights.

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Toilet is a perfect frahlingur, the only one I ever want to be with. "It is a great joy that WCA has represented my work since the creation of the Fund. During these twenty years, her professionality has reassured her, especially when it comes to navigation through the constantly unsettled realm of publication.

? I' ve been lucky enough to be part of Westwood Creative Artists from the very beginning. Professionality, knowledge and wise counsel aside (and I was the receiver of all three), the thing I appreciate most is the direction of really taking an interest in myself and my work.

? Over 20 years ago I made the wisest choice in my entire professional life - and that was to work with Westwood Creative Artists. It was not only the wise counsel, the sincerity and professionality, but also the great and enduring friendship, the joy and the laugh that comes from a hot and spirited staff of deep and clear interest in what they do.

? We have forwarded my suggestions to the best publishing houses, with a sound track-record of each of my work. I have been amazed with quotes from all over the globe and they have given my book the greatest possible attention (and monetary return). "I' ve been with the Westwood Agency for over twenty years and never had a single bit of regretful.

The Westwood Creative Artists is one of Canada's oldest and most prestigious artists. In Toronto's Huron-Sussex district, located in the historical Chelsea Shop, our 11-man team employs six full-time accounting agents, backed by an internal global attorney and an excellent team of 24 global co-agents.

We' re very proud of the positive feedback from our worldwide publishing community and the widespread acclaim our authors have received from Canada and abroad. We' re honored that many of the authors we write for have been short-listed for such prestigious awards as the Man Booker Prize, the Nobel Prize and the Scotiabank Giller Prize.

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