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Frahlingen in search of new talents

and is part of Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc. and is looking for interesting memoirs. Iago, owner/partner of Jago Ciro Entertainment, was a talent manager. For more years, Ciro Entertainment has been talent manager than she wants to admit.

Three new Frahlingen customers on the lookout for

The three new frahlings are looking for customers. A new agent is a blessing for authors because they build up their customer list activ. Stonesong's Adrienne Rosado is looking for adults' and children's literature as well as selected non-fiction from the fields of pop-science, economics and the sometimes weird world. Parekh Riddhi from the Laura Dail agency is interested in literature, illustrated literature, children's non-fiction; open to adults for commercially oriented work.

Iago Ciro Entertainment's Kimberly Jago likes to write powerful voiced novels, lush scenery and a touch of mystery and fantasy for young people. Important: Always check the agent's organic and filing conditions on the agency's website before submitting an enquiry. When these agents do not meet your needs, here is a complete listing of new and existing agents looking for customers:

Agent looking for customers. Before coming to Stonesong, she was literary director at Leibo Management, an LA-based manufacturing firm, and ancillary rights director at Nancy Yost Literary. She is looking for literature for adults and kids as well as selected non-fiction books from the fields of pop-science, economics and occasionally also bizarre stories.

She searches both in adults' and children's literature for contemporaries, mysteries, history, thrillers, fantasies and everything that has an evil, sinister grasp of humour. She is particularly interested in multi-cultural literature and lgbtq+ works. Please address your request to Insert the term "query" in the reference line of your e-mail.

Insert also the first section or the first 10 pages of your work, which will be inserted into the text of your e-mail. Iago Ciro Entertainment's owner/partner Kimberly Jago has been a talent executive for more years than she would like to confess. Kimberly has been on the board of the Talent Managers Association (TMA) for many years and was the first vice-president-elect in TMA's over 50-year East Coast career.

Though no longer with the TMA, Kimberly now shared her expertise and perspectives as a member of the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of America (LMDA). Kimberly has always been an eager readership and was enthusiastic when she turned to a UK-based writer and quickly set up a literary department with her comany.

Anything she' s looking for: She likes to read powerful voiced novels, lush scenery and a touch of mystery and fantasy for young people. E-mail to Request and summary letters and the first 50 pages, all in the text of an e-mail. Before Riddhi was a children's book scout at Franklin & Siegal Associates.

After earning her MBA in creative Writing (Writing for Children) from the New School in 2012, she worked as a reporter for the daily Daily News & Analysis and as Head of Content for the children's journal Young Adults (YA!) in Mumbai, India. While Riddhi is enjoying general-purpose coming-of-age tales that deal with questions of identification as well as high steps fantasy with surprising turns.

She' s always on the look-out for a good play on words and is particularly interested in bizarre middle-class literature, storybooks and chapters. Please enter the name of the agents you are requesting in the reference box next to the name of your work. Your questionaire should contain a brief tone height, a brief abstract and a brief biography.

In addition, please provide the publisher's entry histories and, if necessary, earlier proof of publication. Insert the FIRST 5-10 PAGES of your novel into the text of the e-mail after your request. They can also attach a summary, but it is not necessary. They can more large writings Resources, inclusively free competitions, appeals for subordinations, useful tips on how to get an agents, agents looking for principals as well as editors who accept scripts directly from authors, tips for how to market/manage your work and further, how to construct your on-line deck, how to get reports, how to self-publish, and where to find marketplaces for your work on publishing...and other forms of mental illness.

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