Literary Agents Seeking Historical Fiction

Frahlingen in search of historical fiction

She is Frahlingin at BookEnds Literary Agency. Jakes/Jeff Shaara mode. She is an author and agent at Frahlingur Hartline. She' s actively looking for captivating commercial and literary fiction for adults. It also offers all levels of editing, specializing in historical fiction and romance.

We' re fictional, both commercially and literarily, and are looking for compelling personalities, a powerful storyline, good story telling and beautiful written language with a distinctive part.

We' re fictional, both commercially and literarily, and are looking for compelling personalities, a powerful storyline, good narrative and beautiful written with a distinctive part. Film and television: We like to write commercially sensitive books. We' re active in the search for sophisticated modern literature, female literature, multi-cultural literature as well as mystery, excitement, literary history thrills, obsession with gothics and women's books clubs literature - books in which history is discussed.

We' re not the best agent for humour, CIA spying, drugs thriller, technical thriller, romance class, sci-fi, fantasy, fright, horror/occult/paranormal, poems, screenplays, magazine items or inferiority. Contributions from non-fiction writers with an inventive concept, who have a nationwide stage, will always attract our interest, as will writers who have great concepts and can recognize the latest fashions; writers who can understand how we are living, take the mysteries out of our daily lives or have life-changing message; writers who have branded products and powerful mediathelations.

We' re very interested in storybook, memoirs, women's issues/studies, topical subjects, biographies, love/relations, psychological, health/medicine/wellness, economics, education, cookbooks/lifestyle/wine, private finances and literature from renowned writers, scientists, physicians and theatres.

Voice of Christian Fiction

One of the conference's highlights is the possibility of arranging face-to-face 15-minute meetings with journalists, agents, mentors or PR/media experts. They are a great way to get first-hand information about the writers' industries, present your manuscripts or work-in-progress, collect inspiration, get inspiration and profit from the profession.

The dates will be set by the coordinator of the meeting, Casey Miller. When you sign up for the meeting, you can choose several options for your time. At the moment we are looking for: At the moment we are looking for Belles lettres for females in these genres: modern, historic, romantic, exciting, literature or general feminist literature. In addition, I distribute non-fiction books and am looking for writers with powerful publishing systems.

APPOINT INFORMATION I would like you to provide a short summary and the first section of your novel - not for me, but just for me. She is an writer and a Frahlingur Hartline employee. Prior to Hartline, Linda was a review writer for on-line romantic websites, editor for a publishing house and organised and managed two different groups of authors.

For two years she worked as Terry Burns' publishing secretary at Hartline. She' s a writer, too, so she' s a writer. nomination information a script must be completed before it can be submitted to me for examination if you are a new work. In case your work is not yet completed, you are welcome to make an appointement and perhaps we can do a brainstorming!

Currently with The Seymour Agency, Julie Gwinn has been working in the field of corporate media for more than a decade, among others as Fiction Publisher for the B&H Publishings Group and as Fiction Publisher for Abingdon Press. Before entering the publishers business, Gwinn has more than 20 years of expertise in the fields of advertisement, sales and PR.

It uses its past experiences to support its writers in every stage of their publication plans. At the moment we are looking for: NOMINATION INFORMATION Want to see writers who have a full or nearly finished work. He is an operative with Frahlingur Hartline. Currently he is representing both experienced novice writers and the general and corporate world.

At the moment we are looking for: Well-selected literature in these categories: suspense/thriller, romanticism (contemporary, historic, tension, Amish), women's literature and some spectacular and sci-fi. NOMINATION INFORMATION I am looking at writers who have a complete proposition and a citation. Please do not forget to take more than one single page with you for the date. At the moment we are looking for: Featuring both metaphorical and fictional inspiration.

Adult: cute romanticism, sci-fi, southern female fantasy and inspiring clichés. I' m particularly interested in highly conceptual business literature with a flair of literature and in the inspiring Romanticism of our age. (Although I will look at all inspiration novels regardless of the period). My preference is for sweets or inspiring romances and I don't like stories that go to very "dark" places.

Mr. Johnson is the founder and president of WordServe Literature Group and For 21 years he has been Frahling and has handled more than 2,200 personal book sales and more than 1,700 agreements worth more than 40 million dollars with over 80 different publishers. Prior to working with writers, Greg has written 23 non-fiction and more than 200 journal-editals.

Grég is wedded to Becky, who works in close collaboration with him in the evaluation of writers and their scripts. Grég is wedded to Becky, who works in close collaboration with him in the evaluation of writers and their scripts. At the moment we are looking for: He is looking for adults literature in these categories: appointments information a suggestion and a written copy are asked during an interview, but in order to be able to accept a novel for possible replacement, this must be made.

Kirkland Jessica, a woman Frahlingin and businesswoman, is proprietor and main agence of Kirkland Media Management, LLC. Texans headquartered in Texas, specializing in publication and movie commissions in the inspiring markets. She has a unparalleled competence as an executive with a mastery of distribution, as well as planning, design, marketing and creativity.

Thanks to her outside-the-box approach and her strong entrepreneurial spirit, she has established herself in the publisher sector and distinguished herself as a pioneer for conventional and hybrids-writers. Jessica's view of the big picture means she is representing customers of novels and non-fiction books who are developing in an ever-changing world. At the moment we are looking for:

APPOINT INFORMATION Please provide me with one page and two example sections.

The Steve Laube Agency's chairman and founding director, Steve Laube, is a 35-year old classic in the book trade. A bookseller by trade, his Phoenix business was appointed Christian Booksellers Association (CBA), Stores of the Year in 1989. In the following year he became Frahling and founded The Steve Laube Agency in 2004.

At the moment we are looking for: Any genre of writing is welcome, with the exceptions of most children's writing. amela Hancock Murray has been a Frahlingin since 2001. A best-selling novelist, she has written over thirty novels, short stories and non-fiction and won the SHEV Inspirational Readers Choice Award. Based on her experiences, Tamela introduces the perspectives of a working novelist to her part as Frahlingin.

Her work is representing many top-author, and she is constantly developing new talents. At the moment we are looking for: Tamela is as always looking for all kinds of romances. They also enjoy other kinds of exzellenter christlicher Fiktion, which is highly glossed. With APPOINTMENT INFORMATIONEN Tamela happy to talk to people at all tiers, so don't hesitate to see her, no matter where you are in your editing work.

When a 2017 honored Taylor University alumnus with a bachelor's Degree in Professional Writing Jessie's eye were opened for the trauma of working while studying about Literary Agent in the university. Jessie was hired as Associate Agent for The Seymour Agency during an internship at Julie Gwinn in the winter of 2017.

She' s interested in YA and New Noble Imagination, as well as modern romanticism, romatic tension, romatic drama, a brains Twister (Think Inception or Black Mirror), and is a nipple for soldierly novels, especially anything to do with long breakups or reunifications. She is not interested in eroticism or serious, fact-laden historic romanticism, but will be on the boat if it is something like Poldark.

At the moment we are looking for: APPOINT INFORMATION I am looking for a full or almost full script. It is recommended that the topics of the meeting exercise due care in the selection of experts with whom they make an appointment or arrangement.

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