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He is looking for non-fiction for adults, children's literature and non-fiction books, memoirs and picture books. Fiction, mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction, commercial literary fiction and narrative non-fiction. She searches for beautifully illustrated works of all kinds in graphic novels. There are three new agents who are actively looking for customers. Ayesha Pande Literary" is actively looking for young adults (all genres, but especially.

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She' s looking: In the young adults and intermediate class she wants to learn it: Imaginative (open to all genres except game), Science Fiction, Contemporary Realism (especially with humour ), Contemporary Fiction, Retellings (classics, fairytales, myth) and Mysticism. It also covers the following classes of adults and new adults: Burlesque-style (detective/PI, leisurely, historic, comic, Kaper), thriller (supernatural, historic, catastrophe, ecological),...

Qathryn Green

Founded in 2004. It is my wish to work with authors who want to further their career with the growth and development of my team. My work is based on my own understanding of each and every single one of the projects and I help the writer to identify and fine-tune the idea and its aspirations.

With my meticulously selected schedule, I can give each of my clients the attention, support and encourage that they are worth. However, we do not distribute any of the following books: sci-fi / fancy, children's scripts, film scripts or poems. We do not ask you to attach anything unless you request it. Don't post inquiries.

Enquiries need not be limited; however, if further materials are required, please contact us before you accept another representative.


Our representation includes story, recent affairs, scientific research, biographies and memoirs, as well as self-help, nutrition and healthcare, eating and cookery, travelling, entertainment, pop cultural life, guides and humour. In addition, we cover a broad spectrum of literature, which includes general business, literary, historic, mysterious, female and romantic literature, eroticism, novelism, drama, graphics and young adults and middle-class novel.

We' re not interested in sci-fi, phantasy, picture-book, story, poem or screenplay. We have agents who provide competent representations and imaginative policies to help authors not only selling but developing their career. With extensive legal, literacy, editorial and commercial expertise, we work with all our clients to help them build their platform, write and advertise.

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