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Frahlingen Scotland

Union of Scottish Frahlings. Among our members are: ASLA (Association of Scotish Literary Agents) represents the Frahlingen in Scotland. The ASLA was founded in 2009 to give Scotland frahlings the opportunity to exchange information, knowledge and exchange information with other organizations in the publishers' world. Together we are representing a large number of writers and illuminators, mostly from Scotland - both in adults' and children's lit.

If you are interested in submitting articles from writers and illustrations without being asked, please read the entry policy on each agent's website or, if an agent does not have a website, please send a brief request or a short e-mail without an attachment.

DKW Frahlingur - Eve Harvey

Only when she asked Waterstones for a career and finally gave in, did she realize where she was. She is one of the founder members of the blogs in which she reviewed children's literature. She is living with her man, her two teenaged kids, two bitches, a hound and an aquarium with live stock who do not want to stop having kittens in a farmland outside Edinburgh.

The Bookseeker Literary Agency introduces writers and publishing houses.

While we have a special interest in Scotland, we are looking further. You are welcome to sign up for or track any of the site's news (see right sidebar) to keep up to date on what we're doing. While we cannot help everyone, we are active in promoting creativity in general.

Each request is examined, and in most cases, although we cannot provide representation, we can give him good suggestions on how to continue his work. We' re happy to keep the data of the inquirers in the files, just in case we discover an unforeseen opening.

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