Literary Agents San Francisco

Frahlingen San Francisco

The Agency We specialize in children's books. At the same time, we are working to uncover the opinions and prospects of new creators and to promote and further advance the career of seasoned creators. It is our aim to obtain a publisher agreement for a first volume or 50th volume to ensure that customers are not only publicized, but also well publicized.

Our commitment is to pay great individual and individual care and attentiveness to each and every one of our projects and we are active in all areas of dealing with our customers. Working in close collaboration with our customers, we develop a winning publishing approach at every step of the write production chain.

We think of both shortterm and long-term objectives for our customers and always keep an eye on the path to a succesful scareer. We have agents in the fields of publication, cutting, science, economics, education, literature and films, and one of our strong points as an agent is cooperation.

Not only do our customers profit from the skills of their agents, but also from the shared knowledge and visions of the Group. Headquartered on the West Coast, we are following a West Coast innovating heritage in our obsession to discover new sounds, in our effort to bring New York publishers more in tune with the sounds of other parts of the land, and in our effort to identify publisher tendencies that emerge from this more broad view.

Our philosophy is linked to accessibility, reputation and exposure throughout the world. We regularly travel to New York, attending business meetings and lecturing at author meetings across the state. Our customers are well known to us and we are active on the cutting edge.

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