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They want the best agent, not the next. Frahlingur which represents both literature and non-fiction. The Veritas is a full-service frahlingur that represents both novels and non-fiction. Based on the assumption that literary is one of the best vehicle for reality - both artistically and literally - the company maintains powerful, cutting-edge titles that push the limits of thought and thought. Through our proactive contact in movie and international market, we follow the channel that enables a magazine to get to its largest public.

The Veritas team cultivates the structures and spirits of old-school Frahlinguren, where there was a strong connection between authors and agents at all phases of a writer's life. Through the maintenance of a selected mailing lists, we can make sure that every contributor and every article gets coherent, well thought-out awareness and resource. She visited Stanford and the Berkeley Extended Publication Programme before working for several Bay Area based freelance and Frahlinguren in 1995 and founding Veritas.

As a member of the AAR, the Authors Guild and the SSCCB, she enjoys reading and writing that changes the reader's mind dramatically. Before he joined Veritas, Michael had jobs as varied as simulator engineering for atomic subs and an inns in Vermont. She went to Middlebury College in Vermont, where she nurtured her passion for writing and spoke and understood English.

Before coming to Veritas, she worked as a lawyer for aspiring Silicon Valley businesses.

Well-known and respected frahlings in the Bay Area?

They want the best operative, not the next. In fact, provided that you write a novel, there is something to say that your agency lives in or near New York: that is where the publishing houses are. There is a basic fact that you won't see your agents too often - and when you do, it will usually be because you visit your editor and see your agents as part of that journey.

Well, yeah, it kind of felt good to have an operative living relatively locally with you, but that's not necessarily the best option for your me. In fact, it is important to find a frahling who (1) likes your script and (2) knows the publisher, imprint and editor who are most likely to have the same feeling.

As in most cases you don't get an agents who clicks the first checkbox without checking the second one, your task is to find an agents who loves your work the most. The best search engine for these agents in the USA is This is a free of charge feature, but provides some fundamental but useful filter utilities to determine which agents are right and which are not.

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