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View reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best women in Philadelphia, PA. While Philadelphia may be known for its lawyers, did you also know that it is a real hub for writers looking for frahlings? pitch your to a literature agent: Once the player is happy with your playing field, he will ask you to see part of your books - and send you right past the stack of mud. This also gives you an opportunity to get together with an operative and pluck his brains with any question you might have. A further 2018 operatives will be released as soon as they are approved.

Anytime you can register for a pitch or change the pitch as long as the relevant agents still have open dates. She is Frahlingin at BookEnds Literature Agency. Moe' is interested in reading literature for the mid-sized business, young adults and grown-up audiences in most categories - especially sci-fi, phantasy, contemporary and slight horrors.

Shane is a frahling at Writers House. "In the fictional side I like mystery, thriller (although I'm a little tired from terrorism at the moment), evil characters with a microchip on their backs, wonderfully narrated historic destiny (the Vietnam War, the Maccabees and the American Revolution especially fascinates me), well-researched adventures and great scare.

There are many other things that are important to me. On the non-fiction side, I am drawn to uneven, wacky stories, military story, bios of folks I didn't even exist (but should definitely have), "guy" read, humour, narrative article that sheds lights on sub radars and life styles and all things sport. Stephanie Evans is Frahlingin with Pande Literature.

Stephan has written non-fiction books on the areas of healthcare and spa, sanity, spirituality, life style, eating and drinking, durability, walking and exercise, memoirs and narratives. It also presents a number of novels for females, from literature to high-profile commercials, as well as detective stories (mysteries, thrillers) and casual novels, whether written in literature or in commerce, which are not directed at a feminine audience.

It is Lauren's interest to acquire commercially available literature and non-fiction for young adults and adults. Dystopia, romanticism, thriller and everything that has a singular vocal - especially works that encourage powerful feminine character, inclusiveness and variety. She is interested in unconventional, donated and famous special books, memoirs, pop-science, businesses and research on powerful people.

An Amelia Appel is Frahlingin at TriadaUS Literatari. Her main interests in grown-up literature include literature novels, mysteries, thrillers, sophisticated women's literature, sci-fi, fantasies and horrors. She is looking for books for adults, especially books that are written in a story, humour, sport, instructions, popular art and real criminal. She is Frahlingin with The Jennifer De Chiara Literature Agency.

"I am currently looking for literature and no-fiction, especially with different perspectives, or a connection to STM. Also I want general literature for adults and literature for the female. I would like to find an inventive women's novel that would be the inspiration for the next intelligent and fun women's film. She is Frahlingin with Corvisiero Literature.

They represent the intermediate class, young adults, new adults and adults. She is looking for adventures, imagination and sci-fi with a great sense of humour. She is looking for all subgenres of young adults with a focus on phantasy, sci-fi and various vocals. She searches in new adults and adults for modern romanticism, which she sobs uncontrolled.

She is a literature scholar at Trident Media. They represent the whole range of kidlit: children's photo albums, junior high and young adults. Among the mid-range and young adults and memoirs stories, Alyssa yearns for narrow plots, lyric essays, lush local aromas, and surprising inferences. The articles in childlit, story and STEM/STEAM topics are always fascinating.

Frahlingin with The Jennifer De Chiara Literature Agency. "I' m interested in middle-class fictions with crazy plans (Roald Dahl is one of my favorites) and personalities driving the game. Belles lettres and non-fiction are welcome. I am particularly looking for powerful women in non-fiction.

Concerning grown-up literature: "I am looking for commercially oriented literature with inventive plot lines and smart people. I' m also particularly interested in mystery/detective literature and novel with gastronomic connections. I am NOT interested in sci-fi, ghosts, high imagination, religious fictions, politics stories or extreme violence literature. Anjaali Singh is Frahlingin with Pande Literature.

Being a frahling, she seeks new parts, character-based belletristics or non-fiction that reflects an exploration of the surrounding environment, novelists, memoir, YA lit. and graphical books. She is Frahlingin and foundress of Firebrand literary and also works for Firebrand Publishing.

"We are an agencie looking for astonishing female fantasy, romanticism and middle-class fun. Nadia is looking for astonishing non-fiction books for Firebrand Publishing and is open for medium sized serials (although this would be new for the imprint). Interests in non-fiction: Frahlingur Jennifer De Chiara's wife Damian McNicholl.

He' s looking for large non-fiction and literature that appeal to a broad public and inspire reflection, laughter and sobbing. His interests in literature are literature, commerce, historiography and some unusual/quirky story. The interests of non-fiction books are memoirs, biographies, histories, investigative journalists and recent developments, especially those related to culture, law and liberal arts, which can contribute to a sensible transformation of our world.

A further 2018 operatives will be released as soon as they are approved. Anytime you can register for a site or change the site as long as the relevant agency still has open dates. This one-on-one interview is a great opportunity to discuss your project personally with an agency and to receive your own unique response to your pitch/concept.

Once the player is happy with your playing field, he will ask you to see part of your books - and send you right past the stack of mud. This also gives you an intimate opportunity to get together with an operative and choose his brains with all sorts of issues on your mind. What do you want to do?

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