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Literature Agency Six years later (during which he had the honour of working with writers such as Angela Carter, Toni Morrisson and Iris Murdoch) he changed to Gillon Aitken. After creating his own author roster and working with Andrew Wylie, then partner of Aitken in America, and becoming director of the company, Antony became a member of the Curtis Brown Group Executive Committee in 1990.

Returning to Gillon Aitken in 1995, he made up his mind in 2000 that it was the right moment to become an independant bro. Mr. Lockhart's first position in publication was with Hodder Headline and he came to Gillon Aitken Associates in 1998. Two years later he came to Antony to build up the new office.

After fifteen years working as a writer for children's writers at various publishing houses such as Dorling Kindersley, HarperCollins and Orion, Jo Williamson came to the company in 2008 to concentrate on creating a playlist of children's writers. Jonathan Gregory has more than 25 years of professional expertise and has teamed up with the firm to create thoughtful publications in the fields of science, politics, history and philosophy.

Included in our General Conditions is a 15% fee on all UK Commonwealth and 20% on all US and Translations agreements. The fee for all agreements on cinematographic and/or broadcasting is 10-15%, with the participation of subagents and associated agents. We sometimes resell US titles to a client's work directly to US publishing houses, sometimes through an associated US agents, whichever is in the author's best interest.

We work with co-agents in each country when we are selling translating copyrights to a customer. Please click here for a complete listing of these agents and their contacts. We sometimes resell movie and/or TV titles directly to producers, sometimes through an affiliated agents.

There are a number of associated agents and subagents in the UK and on the West and East Coast of America.

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