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hip MacGregor - President - MacGregor and Luedeke Literary While in first class, Chi rushed home one night and told his mom, "When I grew up, I'll be a great type of book!" Clearly he could see the way ahead - from the writer of a literature journal at high schools to the authoring of bestsellers, from speeches at speeches at speeches and publisher meetings to the representation of well-known authors, this is a type of work.

He has extensive sector expertise - from booking design to authoring, acquisitions, production, as well as distribution and distribution. Former Associate Publisher of the Time-Warner Books Group, he has won nearly 1,000 books deal for writers from all the big publishing houses, among them Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Hachette, HarperCollins, Thomas & Mercer, Jossey-Bass, Llewellyn, Zondervan, Thomas Nelson, Baker, Tyndale, Waterbrook, Howard, B&H, Worthy, Revell, Harvest House and many more.

He has worked with best-selling writers such as Andy Andrews and Karen Kingsbury and assisted in the production of works for some of the best publishers, such as Vince Zandri, Chuck Swindoll, Mindy Clark and David Jeremiah. He' s also authored more than two tens of publications, two of which ranked number one on bestsellers listings in their categories, and he was the author of nearly three twos.

While a Time Warner editor, he assisted in founding Center Street, the hearttland publication campaign in what is now Hachette, and wrote with people like Mike Huckabee and John Ashcroft. For many years he has acted as an asset to Brennan Manning, Vincent Zandri, Rachel Hauck, Mindy Clark, Irene Hannon, Bonnie Gray, Michelle McKinney Hammond, Jill and Stuart Briscoe, Alistair McGrath, Neta Jackson, Vickie McDonough, the MOPS organisation and many others.

Worked with Lisa Beamer and Ken Abraham, Let's Roll became number one on the New York Times bestsellers and finally became the best-selling non-fiction in the year it was published. Having founded his own office, he has concentrated on bringing great literature to promoters by acting for writers such as Leslie Gould, Les Edgerton, Ann Tatlock, Jim Kraus and Janice Thompson.

His best-selling customers are New York Times best-sellers Mike Hingson and Susy Flory, best-selling author Sheila Wray Gregoire, Shane Stanford, David Thomas and Ira Wagler. As a long-standing member of the AAR, he has featured in all the best selling titles of the country, and the author he has written has won a number of prizes.

It' Chip's greatest wish is to help writers make great novels that make a big impact in the game. This is what every type of person wants most.

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