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Representative, Advertising, Marketing and Social Communications Lucinda has over a century of expertise in the field of professional and editorial publication and has lived on both sides of the literature and commercial world. Their speciality is monitoring a policy for all aspects of an author's exposition, from literature to advertising and event. She began her publisher careers in the HarperCollins Communications Division, where she supported the work of Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt (Freakonomics), among others.

After that, she worked in the Scholastic Partnerships Division, where she assisted in the sale and development of customized publication programmes for a wide range of non-profit and Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. Today it stands for economics, health/lifestyle, populary sciences and storybooks as well as sophisticated literature. It has worked with all the big names and various independent organisations.

She graduated from the Sorbonne in Paris and McGill University in Montreal. An accomplished writer, he has extensive expertise in both editing and sales, for GOLF Magazine, CBS Television Studios and The Weinstein Company, among others. He has a penchant for literacy, the promotion of talented literature and the promotion of the career of authors.

For 15 years she worked for the Crown Publishing Group as VP, as well as for Hyperion, the start-up publisher of the Walt Disney Company. She has almost thirty years of incidental copyright expertise and has acquired licenses in all classes, ranging from children's literature, story, science, cookery, crafts, intellectuality and self-help to literature and business literature.

Born in Montclair, NJ, she is living with her wife and twins as well. Smerillo Associates, a consultancy established in 2006, specializes in license and agreement managements for freelance and Frahlinguren companies and other business leaders. She has 32 years of professional expertise in the books printing business, including internal roles as Director of Contracts for the Hyperion Books Divison of the Walt Disney Company and Director of Contracts for Random House, Inc. group.

Some of Smerillo Associates' customers are small literature publishing houses and agents. She is operating from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ with her man and associate Gary Smerillo. Mr. Ashley has over a dozen years of TV expertise, which includes CBS News, Washington Post Live and Bloomberg. It has assisted innumerable customers in achieving their objectives, as well as ensuring interviewing and placement on NBC's TODAY Show, CBS This Morning, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, NPR, Corporate Insider and thousands of other domestic and regional TV and broadcasting stations around the globe.

Mr. Ashley is responsible for the complete staging of satelite medium routes, which includes TV and wireless booking, medium strategies, medium education, manufacturing and logistic.

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