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New Quality Literary Lounge & Boutique. Work with Frahlingen to make the most of your writing career. Lives with her husband and twin daughters in Montclair, NJ.

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The results are ranked by a number of different elements to give you a range of options in answer to your query. "Favorite " offers or those with labeled website button refer to people who directly share information about their business to help customers make more educated purchasing choices. You will be ranked higher in the standard order of your results and can appear at the top, side, or bottom of the results page in your sponsorship offers.

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Work with Frahlingen to make the most of your typing careers. The New Jersey has a large choice of top studios working with different types of work. What is often ignored, however, is the fact that finding the best agency is not always as simple as it seems.

Making your quest simpler than ever with Writer's Mar. It is the fastest way to find literary agents in New Jersey who are active in their quest for your work. - Over 9,000 offers for publishing houses, Frahlinguren, journals, on-line publishings, competitions, meetings and more! There' a lot of outside ressources that offer free marketplaces.

NJ Workshop, Red Bank - Corvisiero Frahlingur

Application for Red Bank, NJ workshops on October 13, 2018Rating the first ten pages of the author's novel Query Letter Critique and One Pitch or a consulting appointment with a present frahling or editor from top publishers! It is an amazingly multi-layered full-time interactivity with lectures by Frahlingin Marisa A. Corvisiero, Esq.

Frahlingur Corvisiero and other important visitors from the sector who are committed to the authors' work. We are offering this beautiful and hands-on workshops for writers of all styles at all stages of their career, with the aim of teaching literacy, editing, economics and thinking while at the same tweaking their abilities in order to achieve rapid results.

It is a two-day writers' workshop to really immerse yourself in the mentality of growing, improve your abilities, learn publication methods, learn sector practice, get inside advice, and get advice on everything from planning to submission to publication of deal. As well as the presentations and practical tutorials, the writers are offered meditation meetings, target set up tutorials, presentations by the successful trainer and much more.

It is the aim of this workshops to help writers think not only like creatives, but also like winning writers. In the course of this seminar writers will have the possibility to participate in various presentations, literary agents and writers (optional), to receive a best-selling autograph Megan Erickson autographed work during our mixer, to receive works criticized by agents and writers (optional), to participate in the Critical Fair:

A first page critical literary agent and editor panel, and networking with writers and business pros all days and during a post-hours networking mixer. Ms Marisa A. Corvisiero, Esq. is Frahlingin and founder of Frahlingur Corvisiero. In addition, she is an writer, advisor, speaker, writer and lawyer with over eighteen years of practice in company law and trust & estates in New York City.

Marisa began her publisher work as an L. Perkins Associates representative before starting her own office, which now has nine agents, two trainees and several undergraduates. Representing a wide range of literature and non-fiction products - literature for kids and grown-ups, she often teaches on subjects such as frahlings, publications, e-publishing, winning typing skills, sales and pitching of your work, thinking for writers, publisher agreements and more.

She is an agency representing modern romanticism, thriller, adventure, para-normal / urbane imagination, sci-fi or any combinations of the above mentioned music. She loves imagination, adventures and sci-fi for the middle class). She is always on the lookout for specific storytelling that conveys a subtile, non-didactic story; there is no need for illustration.

It also acquires self-help, inspiration, majorstream and workbooks. In order to save your place, please sign up here in advanced. Writers can log in on site, unless otherwise stated here that the registry is locked. Throughout this meeting we will be discussing everything that writers need to know, what agents do, how to find them, how to choose the right one, how to present their project correctly and how to create the best submissions pack for optimum results.

Discussing the question letters, synopses and keys agents look for in the first pages of the paper or proposed textbook submissions. In the course of this session we will be discussing the core issues that agents, writers and storytellers appreciate.

First Page PanelAll entrants are invited to entertain and knowledgeable critics by submitting the first page of their fictional manuscripts or memoirs (not illustrated books). It is composed of seasoned editorial staff from renowned publishers and frahlings from various agents.

2:00 am to 2:45 am Creation of an authoring plattform and a brand, as well as marketingbooks presented by Carol VanDenHende, Strategy & Insights expert in the field of Brand Management. It will discuss the basics of creating and developing a plattform and promotional literature; what is a plattform, who needs it and why, with a strong emphasis on brands and promotion.

With the need for authoring communities growing, our aim is to help writers get their work closer to their audiences and raise their profile so that they are selling more textbooks and continuing to attract new audiences. Directly after the workshops, the writers are welcome to join the speakers, agents, editors and staff in the Pearl Lounge (hotel lounge by the chimney for a few cocktails, hours d'oeuvres and mix!

Writers can book in ten minutes in advanced to get together with the frahling or editor and present their work throughout the work. Writers can sign up for more than one 10-minute meeting at a price of $30 per auction with different agents and/or writers. It' the ideal way to personally connect with agents and writers, provide them with the exam work, avoid hidden stacks, get feedbacks and build connections with seasoned and serious people.

Questioning Criticism: Writers are invited to submit a detailed review ($50 per questioning letter) of their questioning correspondence by Marisa A. Corvisiero, Esq. Inquiries are sent in advanced by e-mail to the lecturer, so that the writers get feedbacks, hints and ideas before the work.

It will help the writers to prepare their work during the individual sessions and to contact agents and writers after the work. Editor-initiated First 10 Page Evaluation: Writers are asked to sign up for a detailed review of the first ten pages of their manuscripts ($70) by one of our in-publisher.

Agents with extensive editorial expertise are also involved. Pages are sent to the reviewer in advanced by e-mail, so that the author receives feedbacks, hints and ideas before the work. It will help the writers to prepare their work during the individual sessions and to contact agents and writers after the work.

He' s now also in the midst of setting up his own active listing and is currently a rather ecclectic mixture of children's and adults' literature and non-fiction. In the fictional side I like mystery, thriller (although I'm a little tired of terrorism at the moment), tough characters with a microchip on their backs, wonderfully narrated historic fantasy (the Vietnam War, the Maccabees and the American Revolution particularly fascinating me), well-researched adventures and great horrors - I was not afraid to turn off the lights for far too long and something has to be done about it.

When it comes to children's literature, it's especially important to get youngsters back to reading, so I'm especially looking for a funny middle-class adventureseries, a spooky tale or something else aimed at younger males. Now on the non-fiction side, I'm drawn to uneven, cranky stories, the military past, the lives of those who I didn't even exist (but should definitely have), the mood, the storytelling article that spills lights on sub-radar incidents and life styles and all things sport is.

In 2008 I came to the LKG office and refuted the idea that no English majority ever does anything with his exam. Prior to that I worked for another Frahlingur, Don Congdon Associates, where I had the excitement of seeing Kathryn Stolett's The Help first (and getting one of the first readings).

I' ve really enjoys my education with Lauren and I'm now active looking for my own schedule, which (after a surprise small number of begs and requests on my part), ensuring Lauren's approval to open the agent to intermediate and young adults notion. I wrote my first medium sized novel, Ordinary Magic, which was released by Bloomsbury Children's in 2012.

To the middle class and young adults - magic realisticism; imaginations that take new turns in old tales; contemporary people who are concerned with the difficult feelings, problems and relations that children of this old are confronted with with with sincerity, humour and hearts. Cate' s been with Frahlingur Corvisiero for four years. It works with customers in building its platforms, works on PR promotions for customer directories and read scripts with an edited view.

We are a company of young adults and medium-sized literature, selected business literature, modern and historic romanticism and non-fiction in the fields of literature, popular art and music. She searches for romantic tension in the literature of adults. Special Law Divisions, Cyber Crime. She' d like a captor or predatory romantic, sexily and stylised like To Cat a Deep or funny and adventuresome like Ocean's 11.

She' d like to find the historic romance in the Gilded Age, give her an unconscious Fifth Avenue Tycoon or Knickerbocker. She' s also looking for modern imagination and above all for magic realistic. It looks for articles for adults and kids especially in the areas of less known or strange historic facts and of importance to those who have been overlooked.

It favours articles from popular cultural circles revolving around the arts of cinema and the arts, as well as Nashville and the South. At junior high she embraces all styles, but is attracted by tales of powerful ties of fellowship or nonsense and thrill. She favors more high-concept, young adults commercially, especially fanciful, fairytales and classic re-narrations, mysteries and suspense, and historic fanciful.

Like always, Cate greets all the different tales and writers. Romanticism, all subspecies except inspiration. Young-adults, all subgenera except historic, must also have a powerful romatic underplot. She uses her own inner conflicts between logics and creative thinking to help writers at all tiers to create her own story and spread her work.

It has published a large number of literature and non-fiction books in all ages and has had the privilege of working with over a hundred writers from around the globe, among them best-selling writers and award-winning writers. She is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, co-founder and journalist of the Twitter Revise & Resub (#RevPit) and journalist for #P2P16, #ShoreIndie and Suffolk Mystery Authorhors Festival.

She' s fascinated by unrepresented culture, tales that turn reality into fictitious scenarios, psychological motivation and reaction based personalities, authentic non-romantic relations (although she also likes a good romance) and new turns to old favourites - whether it' s nature, story, concept or tropics. It buys a wide range of children's literature, from illustrated textbooks to juvenile textbooks.

Children's literature from the book on the boards to young adults, both serial and individual publications. At the younger side (toddler through chapters ) I love powerful emotive snags and funny tales with strange, fanciful people. Although she has read various types of medium, young adults and new adults fiction, her real softness for YA Fantasy.

There' s only something in a book about powerful women protagonists who stand up to the rest of the worid in an enviroment where Kelly could never live in her fiercest dream. You can find YA: fantasy (all subgenres of imagination accepted), Steampunk, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Historical and Dystopian (hold the stereotypes, the burns, and illnesses, please), Sword and Sorcery, a very select few for contemporary romance, and any combinations of the above with powerful, feminine protagonists.

NA: Fantasy, paranormal, fantasy (cowboys, anyone? Sexy and some nasty businessman? Celebrity? Yes?), historical novelty, or any combo. Adults: Fantasy, romanticism. Books of non-fiction:

Prior to coming to DeFiore in early 2016, Reiko Davis was associated with Miriam Altshuler Literary Agency for four years. Born in Kansas City, she graduated with a BA in Comparative Literature and Fine Arts from Brown University and is a Columbia Publishing Course undergraduate. Reiko's interests are diverse, but she is particularly interested in mature literature and sophisticated literature, storybooks and literature for young adults and the small and medium-sized businesses.

Most of all, she wants to find out about the amazing and moving nature of novels, their compelling character and their languages. She is active in the search for young, mature and medium-sized literature for children's literature - whether it' modern, historic, imaginative or just a novel with eternal qualities and lively personalities. Her main interests in non-fiction are culture, literature and literature as well as intriguing guided visits to niches, storytelling, psychology, creative and memoirs.

Zaritza is known as the first Frahlingur to present writers in the field of electronic music. Whilst she continues to look for conventional editors for her writers, she is the leader in the field of online publication. A keen coffeemaker with a Kindle habit, she loves a steamy mug of powerful Cuba' s coffees every day while she reads an adult modern romantic or an action-packed sci-fi game.

She is a powerful supporter of the GLBT fellowship and has received voice in the genres Young Adult and New ADult. He is an active buyer of sophisticated women's literature and romanticism in the markets for adults and young adults as well as gruesome, scientific fiction/fantasy and mystery/thriller/suspense. She is particularly interested in #OwnVoice's love affairs with people from colorful cowboys/vaqueros, cross-cultural relations, modern small-town romanticism and historic romanticism that took place in America and the Caribbean in the nineteenth and nineteenth centuries.

I would also like to see a historic romantic that takes place in the 1920s to 1940s or in the 80s in the South. She is also looking for a tough sci-fi novel (spaceoper, interstellar adventures with a heart full of love). She' s also looking for Adult and YA horrors with a special emphasis on works that turn a classical Trope into a modern environment and reinvent classical monstergy.

Secrets of enigmatic mysteries and crimes with the thriller you want to discover in a small city. On the YA romantic art scene she is always looking for tales with POC protagonists in all sorts of love scenes. She is always looking for more romantic (both cute and sexy ) with personalities who can be identified as "queers" in the GLBTQIA world.

Women and Contemporary Romance (themes: the south, royal, leading feminine roles), Romantic Comedies and YA Paranormal Romance. Currently concentrates mainly on pre-scriptive articles. It' definitely because she's a reporter and writes those kind of textbooks for herself, so she can feel that she can give you the most itch.

Compelling articles (if you have a platform), humor (if you are really funny), sciences and animal, children's articles (no photo books). She is an agency, writer, journalist with more than ten years of publishing and editorial expertise. It is YA/NA (all with a singular vocal, but at the present time especially romantically and/or LGBT), Adult (especially Romantik in all subgenres) and Non-Fiction, which is fun and/or focuses on topical happenings and disputed topics.

Also Middle Grade (MG) with a special focus on variety, high concepts and graphics-fiction. V the Thoughts on Romance : SF/F, children's screenplays, poesy or screenplay/regular game - unless it's a skirtoper about Conan O'Brian's fur, in this case YES. Please be aware that some of the Corvisiero agents can only reserve parking spaces via Skype.

We can also include more agents and agents, so be there! In order to receive your students rebate, please sign up with your college email and enter the 20%offSTU sign. In order to be registered as a group, you can log in with one of your last name as the name of your group plus GroupD in the access codes.

If you would like to arrange a bid and/or review date on the application sheet (mark all relevant items on the form), please enter the name of the agent and/or editor of your preference for your dates, or let us know by e-mail for which benefits you would like to have.

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