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Nashville Literary Agents Directory To find out, use the offical directory of Literature Agents? Free-of-charge Frahlingen lists include in-depth bios of all Frahlingen in Tennessee and more. John Eames (Eames Literature Services, LLC), Jonathan Clements (Wheelhouse Literature Group), Bruce Barbour (Literary Management Group) et John Eames (Eames Literature Services, LLC). Please fill in your details in the box on the right to get FREE access to the bibliography at Agents?

Once you have entered your name and e-mail on the right, you can view the full profile of all Nashville Books Agent (and Frahlings in all other cities and states). Example of the bibliography Agents?: Receive FREE access to all Nashville members!

For the most detailed information available to Nashville Literature Agents, sign up now for immediate and FREE entry to the Literarity directory at Agents? Once you have registered, you will have immediate acces to the following information: The majority of literature agencies' catalogues (print and online) are obsolete, imperfect and full of errors.

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pitch your to a literature agent:

Once the player is happy with your playing field, he will ask you to see part of your books - and send you right past the stack of mud. This also gives you an intimate opportunity to get together with an operative and choose his brains with all sorts of issues on your mind. What do you want to do? A further 2017 operatives will be released as soon as they are approved.

Anytime you can register for a pitch or change the pitch as long as the relevant agents still have open dates. She is Frahlingin with Corvisiero Literature. Their favourite genres are historic, whether mid-range or YA, romanticism for adults or something even sharper.

Your first adulthood will always be a young man. She is looking for imagination, adventures and mysteries for the medium-sized business with a funny or heartwarming vocals and a one-of-a-kind notion. She only accepts historic romances for the literature of adults. Cate will consider selected stories and bios for non-fiction. VĂ­cki Selvaggio[SOLD OUT FROM PITCH APPOINTMENTS] is Frahlingin with Jennifer De Chiara Lit.

Currently she is looking for lyric image-book, medium and young adults literature, new adults, mystery, tension, thriller, para-normal, imaginative, narrative textbooks and literature for adults. Most of Vicki's affections are with the upper class and young adults. PITCH APPOINTMENTS] is a frahling at Brower Literature & Management.

Her interests include business and high-end literature with a focus on general/book clubs, psychothrillers, modern romanticism, women's literature and young adults (all genres). SALED PITCH APPOINTMENTS] Beth Phelan is Frahlingin at The Bent Agency. They represent the medium-sized businesses, young adults and selected grown-up literature (including modern romanticism and tension / thriller), as well as the casual cookery textbook or popular art / humour-projects.

It is attracted by the vocal and emotive response of young adults, by unexpected new realities in the YA and MG fantasies, by powerful literature in the mid-range and by experienced and stimulating texts for mature music. PITCH APPOINTMENTS] is Frahlingin at Maria Carvainis Agency, Inc.

Featuring literature, action/adventure, advertising, familytales, history, ghosts, humour, LGBTQ, literature, intermediate, mysteries, thrillers, women's literature and young adults. She is looking for humour, popular music and travelling in non-fiction. Is a Frahlingin, who represents TriadaUS Literatari. It will work for itself as well as for other agencies in the following genres: Young adults,ult historic early stage fixtures, mid-range, mystery/crime, women's fixtures and non-fiction series.

The Strothman Agency. It is looking for young adults and intermediate classes in each sub-genre. In junior high she likes to write scripts with amusing personalities or comedy. In the non-fiction page, Lauren looks for all the gripping storytelling articles and is particularly interested in foodwriting, scholarship, popular art and story.

Your ideal article would be a feministic story of the United States. WordCraft produces literature, non-fiction and theatre pieces for the Christmas and general market. He is active in the search for adults and young adults in the following genres: modern, literature, history, Bible, imagination, paranormal, fear, cute romanticism, mystery and thrillers.

He is active in the following categories: popular art, science, technology, sport, memoirs, story and inspiration. Frahling and creator of the Daniel Literature Group, a Frahlingur for high-quality non-fiction literature for the grown-up. Its writers are recognised and publicized in a wide range of topics, among them storytelling articles, religion/spirituality, economics, popular music, hands-on advices, society and biography/memoir.

AIce Speilburg [SOLD OUT FROM PITCH APPOINTMENTS] is Frahlingin near Speilburg Literatar. She is looking for writers with proven publishing venues who write in the following categories: life, eating, gender, healthcare, literature reporting, literature, music, popular literature, relations, science, travelling. She is currently looking for character-based novelists in the following genres: historic literature, novelism, mainstream, literature, mysticism, science fixtures, thriller/suspense, intermediate and young adults.

She is an agency with The Seymour Agency and a former journalist with many years of editorial work. She is mainly interested in Christmas and inspiring literature and non-fiction, women's literature (contemporary and historical), New Address, South African literature, and young adults' novel.

He is Frahling at Holloway Literature Agency. He is interested in literature based upon literature based on fictions, autobiography based on fictions (e.g. So Long, See You Tomorrow; A River Drives Through It; Sylvia), collection of shorts or related narratives (e.g. Jennifer Egan, Elizabeth Strout, Junot Diaz), LGBTQ literature, books that play in the Midwest or can be called Americanas, thrillers, mystery/noir (i.e.

e. Walter Mosley, Kate Atkinson, Lou Berney), dystopic literature, civilian disturbances / politically uprisings / romances of war, memoirs, new journalists and/or long-distance journalists, essays (on arts, racial, mental heath, musical, etc.), satiric writings and enviromentalism. The Seymour Agency's sales representative is Lesley Sabga[SOLD OUT FROM PITCH APPOINTMENTS].

She' takes a pitch on account of all the agency' s acquirers (except Julie Gwinn, who is also participating in the event). It wants to listen to pitches for a happy romantic, thriller, mysteries, young adults with a crisp vocals (both modern and sci-fi/fantasy), sciences fi, imagination, action/adventure, storybooks (especially author-illustrators), cookery textbooks, mid-range (all kinds), narratives and memoirs.

Frank Gottlieb is a member of the Trident Media Group. A further 2017 operatives will be released as soon as they are approved. Anytime you can register for a site or change the site as long as the relevant agency still has open dates. This one-on-one interview is a great opportunity to discuss your project personally with an agency and to receive one-on-one customized feedbacks on your pitch/concept.

Once the player is happy with your playing field, he will ask you to see part of your books - and send you right past the stack of mud. This also gives you an intimate opportunity to get together with an operative and choose his brains with all sorts of issues on your mind. What do you want to do?

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